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Vibratory Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Geomate™ Mass Flow Feeder

CMT offers Mass Flowing Vibratory Weigh feeders based upon 3Sigma’s exclusive GeoTray™ feed tray and MassMate™ mass flow hopper.  Mass Flow Feeding, High Frequency Dribble Feed, Instant Off and No Moving Parts make it the weigh feeder of choice for a variety of dry bulk products. The GeoMate™ Vibratory weigh feeder design is simplistic in nature.  With one basic design, very small, field changeable modifications are made to each GeoTray™ to meet the needs of a broad range of products.  

3Sigma Vibratory weigh feeders are used at work every day in a broad range of industries, including Aggregates, Ceramic, Chemical, Coal, Food, Glass, Light Industries, Metalworking, Minerals Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Rubber and Recycling.  3Sigma's vibratory weigh feeders effectively and efficiently feed materials in quantities ranging from a few ounces to tons per hour.
Geomate™ Mass Flow Feeder
Features and Advantages


The Geomate Mass Flow Feeder features stainless steel construction for superior flow characteristics. It features load cells 3-point design or mass counterbalanced. The MassMate™ Mass Flow Hopper requires no agitation. The mass flow design means minimal moving parts! There is only one moving part (the drive is the only "moving" part and comes with a 3-year warranty). The GeoTray™ FeedTray features a one-piece weldment. There are no bearings, no bushings, no seals, and no moving parts, boasting a simplistic design. The feeder features feed tray isolation. The flexible sleeve isolates the FeedTray from the hopper, allowing for feed tray oscillation and proper cross sectional shear.


1)  Dependability/Maintenance – The GeoMate™ vibratory weigh feeder has no moving parts. The vibratory feeding system operates on a mass flow basis, without the following moving parts typically in a screw feeder system: screw, sprockets, bearings, bushings, multiple DC/AC drives, motor brushes, agitators, shafts and seals.  The GeoMate™ vibratory weigh feeder is not affected negatively by the abrasive or the very fine powders (magnesium, iron oxides, etc) or the cohesive products (clay) that you use. Our vibratory feeder has loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight capabilities, for gravimetric feeding and volumetric feeding.

• Abrasive products will abrade the screw in an auger, in many cases rendering it useless in months due to the high wear. Continuous replacements are costly ($800 to $2,000 per screw). The GeoMate™ feeder does not force material against a surface, such as a screw against the discharge tube, thereby eliminating friction and wear.
The GeoMate™ Feeder Tray isolated from hopper using a flexible sleeve
• Fine products. It is a well known fact that fine materials, -100 to -325 mesh, will work their way past the seals, where the feed screw attaches to the drive shaft and, in time, will bind the feed screw, causing a failure of the screw feeder. Air purge systems and special seals improve this, but have not been able to eliminate it. The GeoMate™ vibratory  feeder has no unions, no shafts, no seals thereby eliminating this problem.
• Fibers. Our patented rod tray can effectively feed steel, wool, and steel fibers.
• Cohesive products. Finally, you will never again hear the “squeal” of a feed screw binding within the outlet tube as material builds up, heats up and hardens inside the screw feeder.  This generally leads to the screw twisting itself up in the hopper leading to downtime and high replacement costs.  The GeoMate™ vibratory feeder eliminates this problem.
2)  Accuracy – Due to the inherent design of the GeoMate™ vibratory weigh feeder the final batch accuracy will be much greater than that of a screw.  As seen during our demonstration the output is incredibly consistent whether feeding at the fast speed or the dribble speed.  This creates a very consistent amount of product in “free fall” time and time again, which is compensated for with the control’s preact function.  This fact, Instant Off, without Plopping, provides optimal batch accuracies.  

3)  Investment – The short-term investment of the Geomate vibratory weigh feeder is very similar to a comparable screw feeder, while the long-term investment is much less, as there are literally no wear parts on the feeder!  Screw feeders require replacement parts period.  Feed screws, sprockets, seals, motor brushes and bearing assemblies are typical replacement parts on a screw feeder system.  The GeoMate™ vibrator feeder comes with a 3-year warranty.

4)  Cleaning – The GeoMate™ vibratory weigh feeder is easy to empty and clean.  Remove one quick-disconnect clamp and the tray swings open for complete cleaning.  

5)  Safety – As there are no moving parts in the Geomate vibratory weigh feeder, there is no potential for worker injury.


BrickMaster Feeder
CMT offers complete brick mixture solutions: raw ingredient compounding, mixing, conveying, brick coating and reclamation systems. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic system solutions are available.

  • Feeds sand, clay, and shale mixtures
  • Mass Flow Feeding - No more operator interface
  • Minimizes dust
  • Mount feeder <1" above brick line
  • Adjust coating width in minutes
  • 100:1 coating turndown rate
  • Inline or bias cut designs
  • Volumetric and Gravimetric Systems
  • Unsurpassed 3-year warranty
Compounding Systems
3Sigma offers complete compounding systems to deliver the proper ingredients to your mixer in an automated sequence.

A variety of mixers are available to meet your mix times – based upon your production line requirements. This ranges from simple ribbon blenders to hybrid ribbons to high intensity blenders that can complete an entire mix in less than one minute.

A variety of conveying systems are available to properly move your mixed ingredients to the proper BrickMaster™ coating feeder. Dense phase conveying systems allow for this to be automated. Mechanical systems are used when the conveying distance is relatively short. Totes are used as well.

Reclaim Systems
Header reclaim systems can pay for themselves in as little as 3 months. Both mechanical and pneumatic systems are provided to eliminate dust, operator interface and thousands of dollars of waste. A recent installation decreased raw material mix use from 31,300 lbs. per 8-hour shift, saving thousands of dollars per week!
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