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Manual Bag Dump Stations

Safely discharge your 50lb Bags into your process with a Bag Dump Station

Bag Dump Stations are a cost-effective, practical solution to emptying small sacks of material in a safe and dust free manner. These stations typically consist of a hopper, outlet cone, hinged cover, bag support shelf, and dust collection spout. Bag Dump Stations or Sack Emptying Stations offer a method of discharging dusty materials into your process while protecting your operator from the transient dust. Typical load height – 33” to 39” off grade. Additional equipment, such as mechanical conveyors, pneumatic conveyors or feeders can be integrated. The operator places the bag on the support and pushes it into the dump station. The operator then slits the bag with a vertical cut and shakes it until empty. The bag content is discharged through a hopper into the feeding device. The built-in fan recycles the dusty material that occurs during emptying. The automatic pulse back blow dust collector will clear the dust for cleaner air. The empty bag can be sent to CMT's optional waste bag compactor to ensure a clean environment. The discharge of difficult to handle materials can be aided through the use of mechanical vibration or aeration.
  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dust spigot only for connection to central dust collection
  • Integral Dust Collection with Fan and Filters
  • Knives for automatic bag cutting
  • Discharge valves, feeders and conveyors
Sack Dump Station for Emptying Material
Benefits of Bag Dump Stations

  • Improve plant conditions and hygiene
  • Ergonomic Design reduces spills and accidents
  • Increase efficiency and Operator Strain
  • Greater dust control with Self-contained system
  • Minimize maintenance with alternating, reverse pulse-jet filters
  • Integrate with conveyors, mixers, and other material handling and processing equipment.
  • Unfiltered Models allow you connect your central dust collector to the dump station
  • Filtered Models include an integral fan and filters removes the transient dust and returns captured dust into your process.
  • Fixed Units and Portable Units Available
  • Grate supports bag while cutting open
  • Knife options for slitting open the bag automatically
  • Large hinged door with seal
  • Integral dust collection with filters
  • Reverse air jets clean the filters and dust falls back down into the hopper
  • Custom designs available
Bulk Bag Unloader with Integrated Bag Dump
3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader with Integrated Bag Dump Station
Our 3Sigma Bulk Bag Unloader Systems can be designed to include an integrated Bag Dump Station to Empty Super Sacks and 50lb Bags into Your Process
CCI Bag Dump Station
CCI Bag Dump Stations are available with integral dust collection that have a blower on top that pulls air through two air filters inside the station, collecting airborne dust.
CCI Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station
The CCI Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station Unit consists of a SS hopper, hinged lid, outlet cone, bag support shelf, grate and dust extraction spigot.
Bulk Bag Unloader to Screw Conveyor with Bag Dump Station
The CCI Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station Unit consists of a SS hopper, hinged lid, outlet cone, bag support shelf, grate and dust extraction spigot.
3Sigma Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station with Aeromechanical Conveyor
3Sigma Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station with Integral Fan can be integrated with a variety of equipment, including an Aeromechanical Conveyor
Bulk Bag Unloader with Vibratory Feeder to Bag Dump Station transferred by Aeromechanical Conveyor
Complete 3Sigma Unloading Station with Bulk Bag Unloader Vibratory Feeder Combo to Bag Dump Station that is transferred by Aeromechanical Conveyor
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