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Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse Dust Collectors for Dust Separation

Venturi-Assisted Pulse-Jet Cleaning and Automatic Pulse Controls for Online and DownTime Cleaning

pulse jet baghouse dust collectors
CMT provides NFM Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors for Industrial Dust Separation Applications. The pulse-jet style of dust collectors offer excellent filtration efficiency (99.999%), ease of installation and lower operation costs. In most instances, our units are planned and assembled (less bags and cages) for efficient shipment and lifting requirements. Our Baghouse Dust Collectors are engineered for minimal maintenance, and provide reduced energy costs. Our top-entry Baghouse Dust Collectors can be supplied with a walk-in clean air plenum design providing protection during inclement weather or lift-off roof doors when "confined space" is a concern due to the product/dust being handled. In either design, we offers our heavy-duty snap band style filter bags which requires no tools for change-out and provides a dust tight seal at the tube sheet junction.
þ Venturi-Assisted Pulse-Jet Cleaning
þ Automatic Pulse Controls
þ ACTion-Lock Tool-Free Bag Replacement
þ Clean Side, Top Access Snap Band Filter Bags
þ Top Load Filter Change Out
þ Hinged Filter Access Doors

Features and Advantages

The Pulse-Jet Baghouse Dust Collector filters dust laden air from industrial processes, and protects the environment of your workers and neighbors. We can customize your Pulse-Jet Dust Collector to suit your plant needs. Our standard square and rectangular Dust Collectors are rated for ± 20” W.G., and are available in side and top removal designs. Top removal designs allow access from the clean air side of the unit and are available with a walk-in clean air plenum or lift-off hatch. The collectors are equipped with pleated filters or conventional filter bags/cages.


  • Durable and Dependable
  • Custom-Engineered
  • Discharge Clean Air Into the Environment
  • Standard Square and Rectangular Dust Collector Designs
  • Rated for ± 20” W.G.
  • Available in Side Removal Design
  • Available in Top Removal Design
  • Top removal designs allow access from the clean air side of the unit
  • Available with a Walk-In Clean Air Plenum or Lift-Off Hatch.
  • Equipped with Pleated Filters or Conventional Filter Bags/Cages.
Baghouse Dust Collectors Top-Loaded

Size Advantages

Starting with transportation, the dimensions of the TLM Baghouse are such that trucking can be done without oversize permits. Installation is simple and straightforward with the modular design and integral lifting lugs. Overall design is compact to minimize footprint and overall height to fit in the tightest space available.

Heavy-Duty Fabrication

Heavy-duty internally reinforced 10-gauge walls and
robust structure meet industry demands. Utilizing computerized simulation software, the pulse-jet cleaning system operational design has been optimized for efficient cleaning and airflow. Hinged filter access doors and our exclusive toolfree bag replacement, allow for the quickest,
Baghouse Dust Collector Top-Loaded
Inside Baghouse Dust Collector Top-Loaded


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