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Paddle Mixers

Paddle Mixers for Industrial Mixing of Bulk Solids, Powders, and Liquids

Industrial Paddle Mixers for Continuous and Batch Mixing
Paddle Mixers use paddle-shaped agitators that scoop, lift and tumble various types of materials in a gentle, but thorough mixing action. Paddle Mixers are ideal for mixes that have different types of ingredients with dissimilar shapes, sizes, densities and viscosities. Paddles can be used for food mixes that should maintain the integrity of the different particulates. The gentle scooping action is ideal for blending fragile ingredients such as nuts or fiberglass strands. With the paddle action, materials travel in in a 3-dimensional figure-8 pattern constantly pulling from both ends of the mixer to the middle. Welded agitators are the only choice for any mix that requires food-grade sanitation. In addition to food, that can include pharmaceuticals, medical plastics and nutraceuticals.
Continuous and Batch Mixing
Maintain Particle Integrity
Powders, Granules, Liquids
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals
Liquids, Powders, Bulk Solids
Plastic, Foods, Minerals

Features and Advantages

Choosing the Right Agitator on Your Paddle Mixer

Welded Paddle

Welded agitators are the only choice for any mix that requires food-grade sanitation. In addition to food, that can include pharmaceuticals, medical plastics and nutraceuticals. Paddles use a scoop, lift and tumble action for gentle handling of mixes. Often paddles are used in mixes that have different types of ingredients with dissimilar shapes, sizes, densities and viscosities. Paddles can be used for food mixes that should maintain the integrity of the different particulates. With the paddle action, materials travel in in a 3 dimensional figure-8 pattern constantly pulling from both ends of the mixer to the middle.

Applications: Bakery mixes, coffee, soups, dairy powders, ready-to-eat salads, biomass, chemicals, medical grade plastics, sensitive pharmaceutical materials.
Paddle Mixer Welded Agitation

Welded Arm/Bolted Paddle

Bolted paddles provide the easiest replacement, so if you are working with abrasive materials that result in wear and tear, you’ll want replaceable parts to reduce the operational costs of replacing the whole agitator shaft. The problem with bolted blades and arms is that for every bolt, you end up with another crevice to clean. If there’s a need for a high level of sanitation or frequent cleaning, it’s better to choose bolted paddles with welded arms for enhanced cleanability. This is where the welded/bolted configuration is a design advantage. If you are using a mixer for multiple types of mixes where you need to clean in between, this is ideal.

Applications: Minerals, some chemicals, building materials, biomass, colored grouts and livestock feed
Paddle Mixer Welded Arm and Bolted Agitation

Bolted Arm/Bolted Paddle

For abrasive applications where wear becomes a concern, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to replace parts. The bolted design allows you to replace arms and  blades individually as they wear. Instead of needing to make a full replacement of  an agitator, the bolted paddles with bolted arms allow for easy maintenance and  longer lifetime of the mixer. The paddles still give the 3-dimensional figure-8 pattern of the welded paddles, but they can be replaced. Bolted paddles are appropriate  for mixes where sanitation isn’t much of a worry such as with minerals or with  materials that don’t stick, corrode or ferment if a bit of residue remains.

Applications: Minerals, biomass, building materials
Paddle Mixer Bolted Arm and Bolted Agitation

Hybrid Paddle/Ribbon

A hybrid offers a higher level of agitation than the paddle or ribbon alone. The  double-reversing design creates a mixing combination of the figure-8 movement of  the paddle style with the scrubbing action of a ribbon blender. The hybrid is best used when products contain a lot of texture or bulk. This translates into increased energy being transferred into the ingredients, and even product levels inside of the trough.

Applications: Cappuccinos, sugar/salt-based spices
Paddle-Ribbon Mixer Agitator

Choosing the Right Trough For Your Paddle Mixer

U-Shaped Troughs

The U-Shaped Trough design is used for ambient conditions or low pressure/vacuum mixing applications and utilizes a flat top cover. The cover can be supplied with inlet nozzles as needed and provisions for dry powder addition. This design allows agitator removal from either the top or end.

Marion U-shaped troughs are:

  • The largest in production capacity
  • The easiest to clean
  • The most commonly used
U-Shaped Paddle Blender Trough

Semi-Cylindrical Troughs

The Semi-Cylindrical Mixer Trough is built for low pressure requirements. This type features heavy reinforcing along the straight sides, a heavy plate cover design, and a drive that has a concentric shaft reducer with final roller chain drive.  This type of paddle mixer trough is curved through 300° so the trough is closely swept by the agitator. "Pinch points" are eliminated on the downsweep side where large, fragile materials can be damaged. Less material accumulates on the upsweep side providing for faster, more thor­ough mixing.
Our semi-cylindrical troughs are effective for:

  • Pastes or slurries
  • Reducing the degradation of fragile ingredients
  • Allowing for the mixing of oversized materials,
  • Mixing sticky or tacky material
Semi-Cylindrical Paddle Blender Trough

Full Cylindrical Trough

This type of paddle mixer is com­pletely cylindrical, offering the best horizontal mixer design for internal pressure or vacuum. In addition, closely swept interior surfaces give excellent heat transfer surface to product volume ratios.

  • Agitator sweeps 360 degrees of rotation
  • Largest contact surface area for heating or cooling
  • Appropriate for vacuum or low pressure applications
Full-Cylindrical Paddle Blender Trough

Customize Your Paddle Mixer

Paddle Mixer Industrial Mixing Options

Custom Options

Air Supply Manifolds
Paddle Blender Air Supply Manifold
SealGuard™ is your insurance policy against ruined seals. Ensuring the air is turned on and supplied at the proper pressure is simple and smart.
Bag Dump Stations
Paddle Blender Bag Dump Station
Available in stainless or carbon steel, our bag dump hoods are the ideal solution to prevent material loss, reduce contamination and control dust.
Bulk Bag Fillers
Paddle Blender Bulk Bag Filler
Our Bulk Bag Fillers are engineered with operator form and function in mind, resulting in an accessible and efficient way of filling bulk bags and super sacks
Bulk Bag Unloaders
Paddle Blender Bulk Bag Unloader
Our Bulk Bag Unloaders offer dust-free super sack dispensing with guaranteed discharge of virtually any material into your mixer for a continous or batch process.
Bulk Bag Compactors
Paddle Blender Bulk Bag Compactor
The Bulk Bag Compactor machine offers dust-free super sack disposal of empty and used bags after the discharge process into your industrial mixer.
Clean-in-Place Feature
Paddle Blender Clean in Place Feature
Marion’s CIP systems minimize cycle times, improve hygiene and enhance product quality, all while reducing water/chemical usage and manual cleaning.
Paddle Blender Controls
From simple E-stop enclosures to sophisticated PLC driven touchscreen panels, Marion’s iNCONTROL™ team will develop a solution tailored for your application.
Paddle Blender Covers
Endlessly configurable, our covers start with safety and ergonomics in mind. Counter-weighted or air-actuated, with safety grates, interlock switched and more.
Discharge Valves
Paddle Blender Discharge Valves
When determining which valve will work best, consider your product flow characteristics, desired discharge rates and cleanout requirements for your mixer.
Paddle Blender Gaskets
Tired of the same old dusting problems? Adhesive tape not staying put? Marion’s O-Ring gasket proves even the simple things can make the biggest difference.
Paddle Blender Feeders
Batch Feed or Continuously Feed your raw bulk materials into your industrial mixer with our selection of Vibrating Feeders and Screw Feeders.
High Speed Choppers
Paddle Blender High Speed Choppers
Various cutting heads rip apart and circulate lumps and agglomerates, break up liquid-rich shot balls, open matted fibrous materials and distribute pigments.
Injection Manifolds
Paddle Blender Injection Manifolds
Marion’s liquid manifolds, shortening presses, liquid pumping units and nitrogen blanket inlet ports are perfect for solving your material addition problems.
Integral Jackets
Paddle Blender Integral Jackets
Suitable for steam, hot oil or water, our ASME-rated jackets with optional external insulation can handle temperature ranges from 600°F to -20°F.
Pneumatic Conveyors
Paddle Blender Pneumatic Conveying
Pneumatic conveying systems to transport your raw materials into your mixer, or out of your mixer to the next step in the process once the mixture is complete.
Screw Conveyors
Paddle Blender Screw Conveyor
After the blending process is complete, the mixture must be transfered to the next part of the process. This can be accomplished several ways, including with a screw conveyor.
Paddle Blender Seals
Whether it’s our fantastic lip seal, basic stuffing box or mechanical seal, count on us to help guide you through the selection process.
Support Structure Mezzanines
Paddle Blender Support Structure Mezzanines
From simple tube frames to elaborate mezzanines with OSHA compliant stairs, railings and decking, we design and fabricate a variety of support structures.
Surge Hoppers
Paddle Blender Surge Hoppers
Fabricated out of stainless or carbon steel, our custom designed surge hoppers are excellent at weighing, transferring and receiving material.
3-A Authorized
Paddle Blender 3-A Authorized
As the only 3-A Authorized horizontal mixing and blending manufacturer in the world, our attention to fit and finish in sanitary applications is second to none.
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