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Dry Bulk Tanks and Storage Silo Systems

Dry Bulk Tanks and Storage Silo Systems

Bolted and Welded Silo Systems for Grains, Powders, Liquids, Plastics, and Chemicals Storage
When it comes to liquid and dry bulk storage, quality and value drives today’s tank selection process. With advances in fabrication technology, engineering design, coating processes and field construction techniques, some silo systems used in the past have become outdated. Carolina Material Technologies offers only the highest quality dry bulk tanks and storage silo systems available in the market. We offer all four major steel storage tank types including bolted tanks, field welded tanks, shop welded tanks and hybrid storage tanks. CMT also provides customized tank fabrication and engineering to suit the needs of your specific project. Our material handling experts offer decades of process engineering experience in silo system design, and we will turn your specifications into a specialized dry bulk tank built to last.
Bolted and Welded Tanks
Integrate with Conveying Systems
Dry Bulk Material Storage
Chemicals, Powders, and Slurrys
Truck and Trailer Receiving and Loading
21 Week Delivery (Fastest in Industry)
Dry Bulk Silos and Storage Tank Systems

Storage Silo Systems

Carolina Material Technologies is an integrator providing Consultation, Design and Management services for storage tanks and storage silos of both small and large projects. Numerous successful installations of storage silo and storage tank systems are worth more that $1M per project.

Whether a single stand alone storage silo or an Integrated Storage Tank System, CMT has the experience to provide the solutions required
  • Complete specification development, including tank and foundation design, calculations and
  • Prompt tank and equipment quotes.
  • Approval project drawings provided within a few days of order receipt.
  • Integrate auxiliary equipment, piping and foundations for a complete turnkey system.
  • Over 30 Years of Bulk Material Handling Experience

Dry Bulk Tanks and Storage Silo Systems Available:

Bolted Tanks
These tanks are fabricated with steel panels bolted together with custom rubber gaskets separating each panel, making them water-tight. These tanks are fabricated in Stainless or Carbon, and are ideally suited for storage increments of over 150,000 gallons and up to 5,000,000 gallons
Applications: Storage of numerous types of liquids for manufacturing, industrial or commercial use. Storage of numerous bulk materials and dry goods for commercial or industrial needs. Ideal for wastewater, fire protection, biosolids, sludge and more.

Welded Tanks
These tanks are welded and fabricated from stainless steel and aluminum.  Tanks can be constructed with flat bottoms, with hopper bottoms and with elevated structures.  Standard one-piece designs are available up to 85 x 15 that can be fabricated in a matter of weeks.  Custom and multi-piece tanks can also be designed and fabricated in larger sizes.
Applications: Storage for mining operations, power plants, chemical processing plants, municipal water storage, food processing and production, fire prevention and more.

Recent Installations

welded-tanks-bolted-silos-chemical-storage-001 welded-tanks-bolted-silos-chemical-storage-002 welded-tanks-bolted-silos-chemical-storage-003 welded-tanks-bolted-silos-chemical-storage-004


Complete Storage Silo Systems for Powders, Solids, and Liquids

  • Mineral Storage: Pebbled Lime, Quick Lime, Hydrated Lime, Other Lime, Diatomaceous Earth, Barite, Perlite, Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate, Alumina, Gypsum, Talc, Sand, Coal, Kaolin Clay, Other Clay, Phosphates, Mineral Salt, Vermiculite, Zeolite, Ore, Feldspar, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Power Utility Service: Fly Ash, Bottom Ash, PRB Coal, Lignite Coal, Lime, Limestone, Powdered Limestone, FGD Storage Systems, Pebble Lime, Dry Other, Specialists in Mass Flow, Integrated Storage Systems
  • FGD & Limestone Storage Systems: Lime, Limestone, Powdered Limestone, FGD Storage Systems, Specialists in Mass Flow, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Storage Terminals: All Types Dry Bulk Materials, Truck Load Out Systems, Specialists in Mass Flow, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Chemical Storage: Carbon Black, Sodium Carbonate (Soda), Soda Ash, Fly Ash, Bottom Ash, Miscellaneous Ash, Cement, Sodium Hydroxide, Urea Prills, Sodium Nitrate, Petroleum Coke, Coal Coke, Magnesium Oxide, Rubber, Soap, Detergent, Glass, Gullet, Stucco, Miscellaneous Acid, Potassium Carbonate K2C03, Potassium Nitrate KN03, Aluminum Trihydroxide, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Cement Terminals: Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Rock, Aggregate, Truck Loadout Systems, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Food Storage: Flour, Pearl Starch, Starch, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Soybean Meal, Cornmeal, Bonemeal, Meat Meal, Dried Distillers Grain, Beet Pellets, Buttermilk Solids, Corn Gluten, Dextrose, Farina, Feather Meal, Fish - Whole/Meal, Flour Premix, Milk Solids, Mids/Middlings, Oyster Meal, Blood, Peanuts, Malt, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Plastic Resin Storage & Blenders: ABS Pellets, Nylon Pellets, Polycarbonate Pellets, Polyethylene Pellets, Polyester Pellets, Polypropylene Pellets, Polystyrene Pellets, PVA Pellets, Virgin PVC Pellets, Other Plastic Pellets, PVC Compound, PET, Rim Regrind, Film, Other Regrind, Other Powders, Linear Low Polyethylene, PVC Powder, PVC Flexible Pellets, Starch, Thermo Plastic Granules, San Resin, K-Resin, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Ag & Meal Storage: Corn, Wheat, Milo, Soybeans, Grain Dust, Guar Beans, Rice Hulls, Coffee Beans, Corn Hull, Cotton Seed, Cocoa Beans, Mustard Seed, Misc. Grains, Barley, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Biomass Storage: Wood Chips, Sawdust, Hogged Fuel Bark, Wood Flour, Charcoal, Sanders Dust, Other Wood Fuel, Dry Wood Waste, Starch, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Dry – Other: Kiln Dust, Furnace Dust, Crushed Rock Dust, Roofing Granules, Dewatered Sludge, Product Testing, Engineering Services, Consulting, Blend Tanks, Column Enclosure, Integrated Storage Systems

  • Edible Oils: Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Other Vegetable Oils, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Liquid Chemicals: Drilling Chemicals, Sodium Hydroxide, Liquid Fertilizer, Aluminum Sulfate, Ethylene Glycol, Industrial Acids, Fertilizers, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate, Urea, Sodium Chloride, Misc. Other Liquids, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Petroleum & Fuels: Crude Oil, Synthetic Oil, Asphalt, Diesel Fuel, Aviation/Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Oilfield/Processed Water, Fuel Oil, Biofuels, Biopower, Petroleum, ASME Pressure Vessels, Refinery Services, API 650 Tanks, API 620 Tanks, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Liquid Products (other): Asphalt, Ball Mill Tanks, Double Wall Tanks, Trickling Filters, Clarifiers, Alcohols, Molasses, Vinegar, Drilling Mud, Misc. Other Liquids, Aluminum Dome Structures, Secondary Containment, Integrated Storage Systems
  • Water/Wastewater: Potable, Industrial, Domestic Waste Treatment, Food Waste Treatment, Metal Waste Treatment, Petroleum Waste Treatment, Sail Water, Deionized Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, Aerobic Digester, Anaerobic Digester, Backwash Holding, Clarifier with Launder, Landfill Leachate, Sludge, Fire Protection Water, Storm Water, Liquid Manure, Trickling Filter, Brackish Water, Irrigation Water, Treated Effluent Water, Water Emulsions, Waste Treatment Chemicals, Slurry, Lime, Carbonate, Air Filtration, Demineralized Water, Pure Water, Municipal Water, Elevated Water Tanks, Standpipes, Deionized Water, Salt Water, Ultrapure Water, Clarifiers, Brine Water, Wastewater Treatment, Integrated Storage Systems
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