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Bin Activators

Silo Bin Activators and Fluidizers to Prevent Silo Bridging

Promote Mass Flow and Reduce Particle Segregation to Eliminate Bridging and Rat-holing

Bin Activators are commonly used in process applications to promote mass flow and ensure that product is discharged efficiently and effectively in a controlled manner out of Storage Silos, Totes, IBCs, and Bins. Material flow problems usually occur due to compaction and wedging of materials inside storage vessels, often resuling in Rat-Holing, Bridging, Degradation, and Segregation. The invention of the bin activator resolved many of the issues relating to material flow, and modern advances in design have proven to further improve material flow from silo bins. The Bin Activator uses applied vibration to ensure that the product (whether fibrous, granular, flake or fine particulate) is discharged in a mass flow condition. A Bin Activator consists of a spun metal dish with an internal discharge baffle cone, and a vibratory motor bolted on the outside of the dish. Our Bin Activators ensure that your product flows from silo bins as intended, saving you money by preventing production delays and plant shutdowns due to shortage of raw materials. Our bin activators are offered in a wide range of diameters (2'-10' diameters) and design shapes (round, square, or rectangle).
Promote Mass Flow
Eliminate Bridging, Rat-holing, and Segregation
Prevents Plant Downtime
Diameters: 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7, 8'
Control Discharge Rate
Electrical or Pneumatic Vibrator
Cone Valve Dischargers Prevent Silo Bridging

Features and Advantages


Bin Activators are commonly used in process applications to move dry bulk materials out of Storage Silos and Bins. One of the biggest obstacles in bulk material handling is the tendency of dry bulk solids to erratically flow from silo bins and other storage vessels. Various different conditions and factors can alter the way materials behave during various stages of the production process. Most material flow problems relating to storage silos are caused by materials wedging and compacting into the converging part of the silo bin, due to the enormous overhead weight above that compresses the underlying material into the cone section below. This  often results in costly problems such as Rat-Holing, Bridging, Degradation, and Segregation, leading to delays or stoppages in production. The solution to this problem is resolved with our bin activators, which cut off the lower cone section of the bin and replaces it with a spun metal dish and internal baffle cone, allowing it to carry the overhead load and thereby preventing material from compacting in the conical bottom. This simple (but brilliant) cone-shaped design eliminates bridging and packing at the discharge outlet that is common with single sloped designs.
Available Sizes & Sleeves
BA Diameter: 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 8'Round or Square
Flex Sleeve: 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 8'Gum Rubber or EPDM
Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Controlled Discharge
Electric or Pneumatic MotorHeavy-Duty Design
SegregationInconsistent Flow
Energy & ChemicalMining & Minerals
Food & Animal FeedPlastics & Petrochemical

Common Material Flow Problems in Silos

Designing a complete process system often involves choosing the optimal container for storing and handling bulk solids. Several factors must be taken into consideration, such as capacity, storage duration, installation cost, and moisture/quality control. But there’s another factor that greatly affects plant production and can lead to unexpected costs: the flow behavior of the material handled. Plant engineers often purchase storage silos and bins without a bin activator, only to discover at the time of installation that material is not properly flowing due to rat-holing, bridging, or segregation. This can cause serious delays in productivity, product quality, and profit.
Silo Bin Activators Prevent Rat-Holing
Bin Activators Prevent Rat-Holing
Silo Bin Activators Prevent Bridging
Bin Activators Prevent Bridging
Silo Bin Activators Prevent Material Segregation
Bin Activators Prevent Segregation
Silo Bin Activators Enable Mass Flow
Bin Activators Promote Mass Flow

Features and Advantages

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