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Flex Fittings & Rubber Sleeves

Flex Fittings and Flexible Rubber Sleeve Connectors

Food-Grade Flex Connectors for Connecting Adjoining Spouts on Hoppers, Mixers, Feeders, Silos, and More.
Clear Poly Flex fitting in Process Plant
We offer FDA-Approved Flex Fittings and Flexible Rubber Sleeve Connectors in several different materials, including Clear Polyurethane, EPDM, Pure Gum Rubber, Rubber Coated Nylon, Silicone, Neoprene, and more. We offer a variety of shapes, including straight rubber sleeves, tapered rubber sleeves, and bellowed flex fittings. We also provide several clamps and accessories, including Worm Clamps, BFM Spigots, Tri-Clamp Flanges, and Jacob Connectors. Our flex fittings are used in a variety of industries, including Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Tobacco, Wood, Petroleum, Coal, Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber.

Raw materials are often transferred between trucks, railcars, silos, sifters, screeners, hoppers, screw feeders, vibratory feeders, bin dischargers, conveyors, and packing and filling equipment. The materials used in these applications cannot contaminate or impact the taste or quality of the food or product being transferred. This requires flex fittings to use high quality, tightly controlled compounds during the manufacturing process. Many of our flexible rubber sleeve connectors will meet FDA, NSF, USDA, or Sanitary 3A standards. Our Flex Connectors are used on all types of material handling equipment, including
Flexible Rubber Sleeve Connectors Features
Flexible Rubber Sleeve Connector Features

Available Flex Connectors

Flex Fitting Showcase

Ensure Dust-Tight Connections with Flexible Rubber Sleeves

Flex Fittings on Brick Coating Feeders
EPDM Flexible Rubber Sleeve Connectors on Brick Coating Feeders Connect Hopper to the Vibratory Feed Tray
Rubber Flex Fitting on Bin Activator
Gum Rubber Flexible Sleeve Connecting Bin Activator on Silo to Rotary Valve
Rubber Flex Fitting on Bin Activator
Pure Gum Rubber Sleeve Connecting a Bin Activator on Storage Tank
Flexible Rubber Sleeve on Slide Gate
Gum Rubber Sleeve Flex Connecting Tube from Slide Gate to Pneumatic Conveyor in Process Plant
Flex Fitting on Super Sack Unloader
Flexible Rubber Sleeve on Bulk Bag Unloader Connecting to a Pneumatic Conveying System
Flex Fitting on Vibratory Feeder
Flexible Rubber Sleeves on Batch Feeders with Silicone Bellows that will connect to Mixer
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