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Super Sack Unloaders

Super Sack Unloaders and Bulk Bag Dispensers with Dust Control Technologies

Bulk Bag Discharger System
The manufacturing process of foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products often involves unloading raw material from bulks bags. The super sack unloading process often involves lumpy or densified material, material it extremely difficult to dispense. This often leads to plant operators attempting to manually extract the material from super sacks by shaking or hitting the bags, creating dust clouds and potentially putting the operators at risk. All of this can lead to disruptions in the manufacturing process, eventually hurting your bottom line.

The 3Sigma Super Sack Unloader is designed to optimize the bulk bag discharging process by implementing various agitation methods while containing ambient dust in 3Sigma’s Contain-It™ Chamber. 3Sigma's Premier Super Sack Unloader offers dust-free bulk bag dispensing with guaranteed discharge of virtually any material. Our Super Sack Unloaders are offered in 3 Main Models: Short-Frame Model, Hoist-and-Trolley Model, and the Fork-Truck Loaded Model. There are two main types of agitation for increasing material flow: Massage-It™ Paddle Agitation (Ultra Heavy-Duty Pipe Agitators that move material into the Critical Flow Path) and Shape-It™ Vibration System (Shapes the Bulk Bag to the Steep Sloped Platform). Each Bulk Bag Dispenser model can be custom designed to fit your plant, and with your choice of 3Sigma's Features.
þ Customize Frame Dimensions
þ Customize Agitation Type
þ Customize/Integrate Outlet Equipment
þ Dust-Containment Access Chamber
þ Integral Hoist-&-Trolley Available
þ Bag Compactor Add-On Available

Features and Advantages

The 3Sigma Contain-It™ Access Chamber boasts a large and enclosed bulk bag handling area for the operator to tie and re-tie the bag with ease. The large bulk bag chamber is engineered to contain any accidental spills or dust that occurs from the super sack dispensing process. Custom matched to your downstream equipment: Hopper, feeder, rotary valve, slide gate, screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, etc. Inside the chamber, we offer the Close-It™ Super Sack Valve System that allows operators to close off and remove half empty bags, or to use as a batch control valve during the bulk bag unloading process. The Clamp-It™ Bulk Bag Spout Clamp provides an air actuated seal that lowers a stainless steel plate once the bag is in place, and secures the bag spout open in order to ensure proper material flow. It features 8” of vertical clearance to manipulate the bag spout, which compares to 2-4” for most competitors. No more knuckle busting! Additional features include: integrated Dust Collection System, Collapse-It™ Bulk Bag Evacuation System, and more.

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Superior Super Sack Unloading Technology

● Safely Untie Bag in Contained Chamber

● Contains Dust and Accidental Spills

● Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Available

● Large Viewing Window

● Air Actuated Dust Valve (Opens/Closes with Door)
● Safely Start/Stop the Unloading Process

● Easily Tie or Re-Tie Bulk Bag Spout

● Enables Partial Super Sack Emptying

● Bulk Bag Valve Enables Direct Batch Control

● Safety Sensor Prevents Activation While Door Open
● Maintains Bag Spout Open During Discharge

● Provides Active Air Actuated Seal

● 8” Vertical Clearance for Easy Bag Spout Handling

● Prevents Dust from Escaping Bag Spout

● Safety Sensor Prevents Activation While Door Open
● Extracts Dust from Access Chamber

● Manual/Auto Activation When Door Opens

● Connect to New or Existing Dust Collector

● Ensures Cleaner Air Environment

● Maintains Cleaner Access Chamber
● Evacuates Remaining Dust from Empty Bulk Bag

● Prevents Accidental Spills When Removing Super Sack

● Integrates with Dust Collector and Clamp-It™

● Air Suction Collapses Bag for Easier Folding

● Maintains Cleaner Air Environment
● Dust-Tight Connection to Downstream Equipment

● Fully Customizable Dimensions

● Connects Feeders, Valves, Slide Gates, Conveyors, etc.

● Maintains Cleaner Air Environment

● Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Options

Bulk Bag Unloader Frame Styles

Super Sack Unloader Short Frame Model Bulk Bag Dispenser
Short Frame Bulk Bag Unloader
Bulk Bag Unloader Short Frame Style Bulk Bag Unloader Short Frame Style Bulk Bag Unloader Short Frame Style
Bulk Bag Unloader Short Frame Style Dust Collector for Super Sack Unloader Bulk Bag Unloader Short Frame Style
Super Sack Unloader Hoist and Trolley Bulk Bag Dispenser Model

Hoist & Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System Bulk Bag Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System Bulk Bag Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System
Super Sack Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System Super Sack Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System Super Sack Unloader with Integral Hoist and Trolley System
Super Sack Unloader Fork Truck Loaded Bulk Bag Dispenser Model
Forklift-Loaded Bulk Bag Unloader
Bulk Bag Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment Bulk Bag Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment Bulk Bag Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment
Super Sack Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment Super Sack Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment Super Sack Unloader with Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment

Super Sack Unloader General Information

Bulk bag unloaders (also called bulk bag dispensers or super sack unloaders) typically consist of a steel frame that supports the unloading of material from a FIBC super sack into the industrial process. However, not all bulk bag unloaders are created equal. We provide 3Sigma™ Bulk Bag Unloading Systems that make handling of super sacks practical and efficient by providing an easy and safe method to lift, support and discharge material. 3Sigma™ Bulk Bag Unloaders were specially engineered for dust-containment and ease-of-access for the operator. At CMT, we integrate design and integrate our super sack unloaders with other process handling equipment in order to provide controlled, regulated discharge with a variety of feed devices and weight control options.
General Customer Goals
  • Dust-Free Bulk Bag Unloading.
  • Discharge difficult/densified Products
  • A Bulk Bag Discharger for Total Bulk Bag Discharging
  • Minimal moving parts/ Minimal maintenance.

Super Sack Unloaders are typically implemented when capacity requirements dictate a change from 50 lb. bags to FIBC bulk bags, in order to save on material and labor costs. Understanding the properties of your material in the FIBC bags and setting your goals is a critical component to desigining your system.  Many suppliers overlook the actual bulk bag and dive into offering you their standard bulk bag unloader – the “one size fits all” mentality.  However, the properties of the Bulk Bag can impact the unloading process. Some items of concern include: Dimensions; Lined or Unlined; Loose Liner, Tabbed Liner or Glued Liner Flat Bottom or Cone Bottom; Single Trip or Multi-Trip; Bulk Bag Outlet Spout Dimensions; Bulk Bag coatings, etc.
Super Sack Unloader Hoist and Trolley System
Bulk Bag Unloader with Hoist and Trolley
Stand-Alone Super Sack Unloader Model that includes the Main Frame, the Top Frame, the I-Beam Bar, the Hoist and Trolley, the Bulk Bag Access Chamber, and the Bulk Bag Support Surface Dish to Hold Super Sack during Unloading Process.
Super Sack Unloader Forklift Model
Bulk Bag Unloader Forklift Loaded Unit
The 3Sigma™ Super Sack Unloader Forklift Model employs a Bulk Bag Lifting Frame embedded with an Adaptor that has two ‘shelves’ to support the Forks. Internal springs provided within each leg elongate the bulk bag during product discharge.
Super Sack Batch Unloader with Portable Fork-Lift Frame
Bulk Bag Unloader Split-Frame for Limited Headroom
The 3Sigma™ Super Sack Batch Unloader incorporates a Portable Fork-Lift Split Frame that allows the Bulk Bag to be emptied at different stations. Easily place the super sacks at the bulk bag unloader station, and watch the material be unloaded, weighed, and batched with a vibratory batch feeder.
Super Sack Unloader with Integral 50lb Bag Dump Station
Now you can Unload and Convey your product from Bulk Bags and 50lb Bags all in one place with the 3Sigma™ Super Sack Unloader Bag Dump Station. This system has an Integral 50lb Bag Dump Station with dust collection so the operator can safely discharge product.
Shape-It™ Super Sack Unloader Shaping the Bulk Bag
The 3Sigma™ Shape-It Super Sack Unloader Features a steel platform dish where the bulk bag is “shaped” with vertical vibration from an eccentric drive. The vibration shapes the bulk bag into an optimal discharge mold, where it now is in complete contact with the hopper.
Super Sack Unloader with Integral Batch Feeder
This Super Sack Unloader Features all the benefits of the Shape-It™ including Vibration Agitation Technology for Optimal Material Flow. The product gets discharged into a hopper, where it is weighed and transferred to the next step in the process via 3Sigma™ Batch Feeder.
Recent Installations

Complete Material Handling System for Large Composite Decking Company

We Can Design and Provide Your Entire Process System, including Silos, Pneumatic Conveyors, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Feeders, Mixers, and More
A large Composite Decking Company reached out to CMT to design and install a new Process System in their expansion plant that included multiple Super Sack Unloaders, Pneumatic Conveyors, Dust Collectors, Batch Feeders, Mixers, and Silos. Along with the equipment, we provided various components including: Flow-aids and Vibrators, Pneumatic Blowers and Vacuums, Diverter valves, Hammertek Elbows, Venturi Eductors, Filter Receivers, Level controls, Rotary Airlock Valves, Flex Fittings, and more.
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