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Pneumatic Conveying Airslides

Convey Your Material with Pneumatic Conveying Airslides
Whirl Air Flow air slides are high volume conveyors, designed to move powders and free-flowing products along a nearly horizontal plane. The simply designed, rectangular enclosure of the pneumatic conveying  air slide eliminates airborne dust particles during transport of products. Materials are moved on a low pressure "cushion of air," admitted through a fluidizing membrane which has no moving parts, eliminating associated wear of the air slide.
Advantages and Features
  • Simple Design Eliminates airborne dust particles during transport of products
  • Convey most powdered products
  • Enclosed, dust-free Whirl-Slide
  • Materials handled by the Whirl-Slide are in the 40 mesh and finer range
  • Whirl-Slides can be utilized to convey materials from silos or hoppers or other feed points to use points or load out operations like filling rail cars
  • Whirl-Slides can be used to aerate silos to eliminate bridging
  • No Moving Parts
Most powdered products are easily conveyed in the enclosed, dust-free Air Slide. Materials handled by the Whirl-Slide air slide are in the 40 mesh and finer range. Air Slides can also be used to aerate silos to eliminate bridging.

Whirl-Slides air slides come in various different shapes and sizes, ranging from 4.00" to 24.00" wide. The Air Slides are custom built to meet the customer’s needs. Some of the Air slide special designs include curved sections, drop chutes and special collectors. Certain products require different downward slope angles to flow. Those angles range from 2 to 15 degrees. The Standard design of the Whirl-Slide Air Slide is 8 degrees. Whirl Slides are manufactured in standard ten foot lengths, made in carbon or stainless steel.
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