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Vertical Screw Conveyors

Vertical Screw Conveyors for Raising or Lowering Bulk Materials

Efficiently Transport Bulk Solids and Powders Up and Down Via Vertical Screw Conveyors

Conveyor System with Twin Screw Augers
CMT offers vertical screw conveyors for efficiently transporting bulk solids and powders from steep inclines and vertical applications. Vertical augers take up minimal space and regulate the flow of material consistently, often used in plastics, wastewater, chemical and food production facilities. The type of Vertical Screw Conveyor depends on multiple factors, including load capacity, height, factory layout, speed, volume transported, mass flow, and control and special considerations.
þ Industrial Screw Conveyors and Augers
þ Conventional Screw Conveyors
þ OLDS Elevator Augers
þ Vertical and Steep-Incline Conveying
þ Solutions for Dry to Semi-Fluid Materials
þ Distribution to Multiple Discharge Points

Equipment Available

When handling bulk powders and other materials, the process engineering expert are a wide range of bulk and particulate properties that vary enormously. The obvious properties are particle size and size distribution, particle density and, perhaps, particle shape. However, there are many more properties that have an enormous effect on the “handleability” of the material. For example, bulk density, permeability, cohesive bulk strength, moisture content, electrostatic charging, and the list goes on. These properties will significantly influence the performance of mechanical handling equipment.
OLDS Elevator Auger
The OLDS ELEVATOR™ utilizes a rotating casing around a fixed screw. Intake scoops at the bottom of the casing feed material into the elevator where it quietly, and gently, climbs the static screw
KWS Vertical Screw Conveyor
Vertical Screw Conveyors efficiently
elevate bulk materials at very steep inclines or
completely vertical. The compact design allows
for vertical screw conveyors to fit into almost any
plant layout.

Related Equipment

Bucket Elevators
TipTrak™ bucket elevators (bucket conveyors) provide the gentlest handling, least spillage, lowest maintenance, and quietest operation of any bucket conveyor system. The rubber beltchain is the very heart and soul of TipTrak™ bucket conveyors. Consisting of super-tough elastomer molded around and bonded to a core of multiple strands of stainless steel aircraft cables, the lipTrak™ beltchain provides years of reliable, trouble-free service.
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