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Shafted Screw Conveyors

Shafted Screw Conveyors

Shafted Screw Conveyor Augers for Dust-Tight Material Conveying

Shafted screw conveyors are used in thousands of industrial applications every day for efficiently conveying a variety of bulk materials. A shafted screw conveyor’s main function is to transfer bulk materials from one process to another. These conveyors are very cost-effective and require minimal maintenance to operate. Shafted screw conveyors differ from shaftless screw conveyors in design because shafted screw conveyors utilize a center pipe to support the screw flights or spiral. Shaftless screw conveyors have no center pipe. Transferring torque from the drive to the screw or spiral and the method used to support the screw or spiral differ greatly when comparing shafted and shaftless screw conveyors.
Industrial Screw Augers for Material Conveying
þ Dry To Semi-Fluid Materials
þ Cost-Effective Compared to Other Conveyors
þ Totally Enclosed For Corrosive/Hazardous Environments
þ Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
þ Flight Configurations Available For Mixing And Chopping
þ Jacketed Housings Available for Cooling/Heating

Features and Advantages

Shafted Screw Conveyors feature a solid or tubular shaft that runs through the center of the screw flights. The shafted design aids in keeping the auger above the trough, resulting in less friction that typically leads to wear and metal detachment from physical contact and speed of rotation.

Advantages of Shafted Screw Conveyors

  • Ideal For Handling Dry To Semi-Fluid Materials
  • Capacity to Transfer Free-Flowing To Sluggish Powders and Ingredients
  • Less Maintenance - Shafted Screw Conveyors Do Not Require Liners on the Inside of the Trough
  • Cost-Effective When Compared To Other Conveying Devices Such As Belt, Pneumatic Or Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
  • Efficiently Distributes Bulk Materials To Various Locations Using Multiple Inlet And Discharge Points
  • Dust Free - Totally Enclosed For Corrosive Or Hazardous Environments
  • Can Typically Be Longer Compared to Shaftless Screw Conveyors
  • Can Run at Higher RPM Due to Reduced Wear on the Bottom Liner


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Shafted Screw Auger Shafted Screw Conveyor Railcar Auger
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