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Automated Bulk Bag Filling

Automated Bulk Bag Filler System for Rapid Super Sack Fiilling

Fully Automatic Bulk Bag Filling System with Robotic Palletizing, Filling, and Wrapping.

Automatic Bulk Bag Fillers and Super Sack Filling Systems
We are proud to introduce the first completely automated bulk bag filling system to North America. CMT Process Solutions is the exclusive representative for PanPac in North America. While this technology has existed for nearly 30 years, it has been one of the “best kept secrets” in NA for all this time. While protecting operators from dust and ergonomic challenges has been a priority for years, in filling bulk bags, the 2020 pandemic has created a need for automation just to meet product demands. We are pleased to state the PanPac’s system checks each box. In fact, PanPac offers the most advanced automated bulk bag filling system on the market. We are excited to share this technology with you.
þ Completely Automated Bulk Bag Filling
þ Robotic Arms for Precise Bag Placement
þ Inflatable Tube Bellow for Dust-Tight Seal
þ Sensors for Bag Rotation and Centering
þ Bag Spout Automatically Opened/Sealed
þ Automatic Bag Strapping and Conveying

Equipment Overview

Fully Automatic Bulk Bag Filling Robot Features

The PanPac Robotic Bulk Bag Filler is a completely automated system, from slip sheets through accumulating conveyors.  

Roll Dispenser & Orientation Table
The Bulk Bags are automatically unrolled and transferred by the belt conveyor to the opening unit. The bag spout is opened with vacuum pads, and the mechanical fingers ensure that it is held open at the correct position for pickup. The robot places the bag spout onton the filling tube.

Made of mild steel, not galvanized, painted surface.
Bulk Bag Handling Robot
The GP180 Bag Handling Robot captures the bulk bag inlet spout, moves the bag and places it onto the filling tube. Max load including tool is 180 kg. Numbers of axis is 6. Weight of robot without tool = 1200 kg.

Concrete Foundation Under Robot Required:
Foundation Size: Min. 2500 x 2500 x 300 mm. Tolerance: +/- 3mm/m. Maximum load: 20 MN/m². Recommended concrete: Min. 30 MN/m².
Patented Bulk Bag Centering Technology
The super sacks are rotated and centered prior to filling. This novel technology adjusts the position and angle of the bulk bag based on the robot's sensors, ensuring that the bulk bag is in the correct position on the pallet before and after filling.

The arms are moved with pneumatic cylinders and will keep the super sack in position during filling.
Inflatable Bulk Bag Clamp
The filling tube bellow features an Inflatable seal to clamp Bulk Bags with or without liners, in order to guarantee dust tight filling. The inflated bellow provides a 100% air and powder tight seal. The safest choice for every operator


1) The bulk bag is presented for pickup on the orientation table.  The bag spout is opened.

2) The robotic tool captures the bulk bag inlet spout, moves the bag and places it onto the filling tube.

(3) The filling tube bellow inflates (inside of the bulk bag spout), forming the Inner Spout's dust containment seal #1.   Note: The fill tube is a tube within a tube and the dust/air is displaced through the outer tube to a dust collector.

(4) Two opposing tools then clamp the bulk bag spout to the fill tube creating the Inner Spout's dust containment seal #2.

(5) The empty super sack is inflated to remove folds and voids within the bag.

(6) The empty bulk bag is automatically rotated and centered onto the pallet (when pallets are used) to ensure a stable bag fill.

(7) Once filled (and after the extraction of any dust), two flat bars seal the bag spout.  The spout is then unclamped/unsealed from the fill tube and the super sack is moved to the sealing station.

(8) The inner liner, or bag spout itself (if no inner liner is present), is heat sealed with one or two sealing tools.  This is sealed at a specific temperature for a specific time to ensure proper sealing, creating the Outer Spout's Seal #1.

(9) A pneumatic arm then pushes the inner liner down, inside the bag.

(10) The outer bag spout is automatically strapped, creating the Outer Spout's Seal #2.

(11) The filled bag is discharged to the accumulating conveyor.

Note: All of the above occurs with NO OPERATOR INTERVENTION.

Machine Layout

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