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Bulk Material Handling
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Bulk Material Handling Equipment and Process Engineering

Carolina Material Technologies is a bulk material handling company based in Charlotte, NC that offers bulk material handling equipment & systems and industrial automation.  We have been serving  North America and other countries, based on location and project, continuously since 1994. Our bulk material handling experience includes consulting, equipment & system design, product testing, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and field service.

We invite you to “Be Proud of your next Installation”.  As T. Gillispie remarked on receiving his equipment recently, “It is beautiful!”.   We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional equipment and solutions.    Carolina Material Technologies provides free plant visits, so please contact us for a free  consultation and proposal for your next project.
25kg Sack Emptying
- Completely Automated Sack Emptying
- Guaranteed Emptying Efficiency - 99.99%
- Powders, Pellets, Granules
- Empty 20-100 lb. Sacks
- 40-1,300 Bags/Hour. (Up to 35 Tons/Hour)
25kg Bag Dump Stations
- Cost-Effective, Practical Solution
- Integral Fan to Filter Dust
- Fixed Units Available
- Portable Units Available
- Easily Integrated With Other Equipment
Bulk Bag Unloading
- Multiple Agitation Technology
- Maximum Dust Containment
- Full or Partial Bag Emptying
- Bag Spout Clamp Seal Prevents Spills
- X-Large Bag Access Chamber
Bulk Bag Filling
- Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle
- Inflatable Neck Seal for Dust-Free Filling
- Quick and Easy Removal by Fork Truck
- Fill Rate up to 20 Bulk Bags
- Weigh Platform Mounted on 4 Load Cells
Bag Compactor Machine
- Multi-Purpose Compactor
- Automatically Compresses & Rolls
- Mobile and Compact Design
- Improve Plant Sanitation Conditions
- Advanced Safety Features
Bin Activators
- Promotes Mass Flow during Bin Unloading
- No Moving Parts & Minimal Maintenance
- Resolves Discharge Problems
- Eliminates Bridging
- Controlled Product Flow Rate
Cone Valve Bin Discharger
- Promotes Mass Flow of Material From Silo
- No Moving Parts & Minimal Maintenance
- Bin Activator & Outlet Gate Valve in one
- No Rubber Sleeve, Bolts Directly to Silo
- Can Conduct Maintenance While Silo Full
Mixers & Blenders
• Power and Throughput Efficiency.
• Easier and Lower Cost Maintenance.
• Lower Sanitation Costs for Both the Equipment and Components
• Prevent Incorrect Mixtures, Overheating and Air Pressure Faults
• Compliance and Sanitation Requirements
Dust Collection Systems
• Fully Welded Heavy Construction
• Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
• Exclusive ACTion-Lock Quick-Release Filter Door
• Nano-Fiber High Efficiency Cartridge filters
• Venturi-Assisted Pulse Clean system
Feeder Systems
• Screw Feeders, Vibratory Feeders, Weigh Belt Feeders
• Loss-in-Weight & Gain-in-Weight Systems
• Volumetric & Gravimetric Systems
• Continuous & Batch Systems
• Geomate™ Mass Flow Feeders - No Moving Parts
IBC Systems
• Portable Bin System for Temporary Material Storage
• Lifting Cone Valve Technology
• 60 Degree Outlet Cone Improves Flow
• Large 25" Diameter Discharge Opening
• Vibration Technology Improves Flow

Mechanical/Screw Conveying
• Screw Conveyors
• Flexible Screw Conveyors
• Heat Transfer Screws
• Shaftless Screw Conveyors
• Vertical Screw Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveying Systems
• Dense Phase Conveyors
• Dilute Phase Conveyors
• Significant Increases in Productivity
• Environmental Sustainability of the processes
• High System Availability, Reliability and Performance

Silo Storage Systems
• Bolted & Welded Silo Designs
• Functional Mass Flow Design
• Advanced Coating Technology
• Segregation Problems are Minimized
• Material is Transfered Uniformly at Constant Density

Particle Reducers
• Crushers, Lumpbreakers, Pulverizers, Granulators
• Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and More
• Simple Disassembly for Easy Maintenance
• Break Up Chunks for Better Flow
• Easily Integrate with other Equipment

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1801 Kilmonack Lane
Charlotte, NC 28270
Main: 704-846-3737
Fax: 704-246-5784
220 Crompton St
Charlotte, NC 28273
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