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Bulk Handling Systems for FIBC Super Sacks

Bulk Handling Systems for FIBC Super Sacks and Bulk Bags

Carolina Material Technologies prides itself in being one of the nation's top Bulk Handling Systems Integrators for bulk bags and FIBC Super Sacks. Whether you are looking to empty, discharge, fill, or dispense bulk bags, our experts will consult with you to design and provide a complete bulk handling system that fits your needs and integrates seamlessly into your existing plant. Selecting the optimal Bulk Bag Unloader or Super Sack Filler is critical due to the increased labor and risks that occur when lifting heavy super sacks that often weigh over a ton. Our Bulk Handling Systems are specially designed with safety in mind. We are proud to offer 3Sigma's Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Dispensers, and Super Sack Fillers.
Bulk Bag Handling System Benefits
Bulk Handling Systems for Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Dust Tight Super Sack Unloading
- Multiple Agitation Technology
- Maximum Dust Containment
- Full or Partial Bag Emptying
- Bag Spout Clamp Seal Prevents Spills
- X-Large Bag Access Chamber
Bulk Bag Filling
- Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle
- Inflatable Neck Seal for Dust-Free Filling
- Quick and Easy Removal by Fork Truck
- Fill Rate up to 20 Bulk Bags
- Weigh Platform Mounted on 4 Load Cells

Bulk Bag Dispenser

Compact 7-10 Super Sacks in Minutes
- Multi-Purpose Compactor
- Automatically Compresses & Rolls
- Mobile and Compact Design
- Improve Plant Sanitation Conditions
- Advanced Safety Features

Bulk Bag Fillers

Dust-Tight Bulk Bag Filling
- Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle
- Inflatable Neck Seal for Dust-Free Filling
- Quick and Easy Removal by Fork Truck
- Fill Rate up to 20 Bulk Bags
- Weigh Platform Mounted on 4 Load Cells
One of the most important aspects of a Bulk Handling System is the method that you choose to unload the material from your Super Sacks. Choosing a quality Bulk Bag Unloader that properly discharges your product to downstream equipment can save you thousands of dollars on material costs. That's why we chose to offer the best bulk bag unloader on the market. 3Sigma's newest bulk bag unloading and filling technologies allows you to discharge any material. 3Sigma offers three different models: Fork Truck Loaded Unit, Integral Hoist and Trolley Unit, and a Short-Frame Model (Client Supplied Ceiling Mounted Hoist and Trolley Unit). Each unit can be modified to include the following features: Shape-It™ Vertical Vibration,  Massage-It™ Agitation System, Contain-It™ Access Chamber, Close-It™ (Stops material flow by closing bag spout),  Clamp-It™ (Pneumatically operated clamp to ensure total containment by sealing the bag spout to the Tube-It™ discharge tube), and Dust Collection Systems.
Disposing your bulk bags after the unloading process is also an important step in your Bulk Handling System. Our Bulk Bag Dispenser Machine can compact 7-10 super sacks into a 2' x 1' Bale in a matter of minutes, making bag disposal and recycling easier than ever. Not only does it compact Super Sacks, but also a variety of Films, Cardboard packaging, Plastic Foam Packaging, Paper, Plastic Foams, Fleece Materials, and much more! No more dusty bulk bags or product waste laying around taking up valuable factory space. With our portable Bulk Bag Dispenser, you can save valuable time, space, and effort by disposing of your recycling materials at the bag discharging station. We offer two different models of the Bulk Bag Dispenser Machine: RC 1650, RC 1655.
Many bulk handling systems consist of Super Sack Fillers. Carolina Material Technologies provides a full range of 3Sigma Bulk Bag Fillers that weigh and fill different types and sizes of FIBC bags with powders, granules, plastics, seeds, pellets, etc. Product is usually transferred into the bag using gravity, pneumatic conveyors, screw augers, or feeders. Super Sacks are filled and weighed in real time through a scale that is connected to a PLC. Our bulk bag fillers and filling stations can fill super sacks made from lined or unlined poly woven material weighing anywhere from 1000 to 4000 pounds at rates of 5 to 70 bags per hour.  We offer Manual systems, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automated systems, as well as volumetric and gravimetric Bulk Bag Fillers.  From low capacity bulk bag fillers to high-capacity automated bulk bag systems, we have a proven solution to meet your requirements. We also offer Bulk Bag Fillers with cone table densification systems and auto height adjustment.
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