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Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers and Super Sack Filling Systems
CMT provides a full range of bulk bag fillers for all applications.  Manual systems, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automated systems.  Volumetric and Gravimetric Bulk Bag Fillers.  From low capacity bulk bag fillers to automated bulk bag systems filling 70 bags per hour, we have a proven solution to meet your requirements.  

Regardless of your required production rate the basic goals generally remain the same for a Bulk Bag Filler.
 General Customer Goals
  • Dust Free Filling
  • Produce a stable filled package that will not lean, tip or fall.
  • Accuracy - <+ 2- 3 lbs. typical
  • Ease of Use- Ergonomically correct design
  • Reliability
  • ROI – Payback when upgrading an existing system
Super Sack Filler
Standard Features:
  • Inflatable fill head that offers a dust-free seal when loading: Operator slides the spout of the bulk bag over the fill head and turns the selector switch to “Inflate.” The fill head inflates providing a dust-free seal for filling. Once the bag is full, the operator then turns the selector switch to “Deflate” and removes the bag.
  • Dust port with dust cartridge
  • Retractable pneumatic bag strap support pins
  • Bag loading surface with pallet retaining flange on three sides
  • Manually adjustable bag supports for varying bag heights; 42”-60” high bags standard
  • No electricity is required for our standard filler
  • Great for low ceiling heights Optional Features:
  • Vibratory deck
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Screw jack
  • Metering Device
  • Bags support area extensions
  • Bag inflation
  • Drum adapter
  • Load cells
  • Systems controls
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