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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic Transport of bulk solids and powders with Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Carolina Material Technologies provides pneumatic conveying systems designed for the pneumatic transport of bulk solids and powders, including Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors, Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveying Venturi Eductors, Airslides, and other Pressure and Vacuum Systems. Our experts at CMT are knowledgeable in how various materials behave during pneumatic conveying, which allows us to quote the best method of conveying (dilute or dense phase), and the type of gas mover (for example blower, fan or compressor). Many of our customers choose to transport their bulk materials via pneumatic conveying because it provides the ability to transport materials without the risk of the products being contaminated or lost. Depending on the application, Pneumatic Conveyors are used as a replacement for mechanical conveyors, which do not transport certain materials nearly as well or as safely as pneumatic conveyors. Pneumatic conveying systems are often used in material handling applications such as bulk bag unloading, railcar unloading, silo unloading, and many others. Whether you are in the food processing, pharmaceutical processing, plastic processing and chemical processing industries, there are many benefits to pneumatic conveying that make them an excellent choice for transporting bulk solids from one location to another.
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