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LaborSave™ Sack Emptying Debagger

Automatically Unload Your Sacks with LaborSave™ Debagging System
The patented LaborSave™ Debagger is a fully automatic, highly effective sack emptying system that results in significant savings from increased efficiency, less waste of raw material and less labor. This cost-efficient debagging machine  has four models to meet a range of needs. LaborSave™ automates the entire process; from bag lifting, to bag slitting, to bag emptying, to discarding the bag. Using mechanical grippers enables the handling of most types of sacks, including plastic, polypropylene, paper, and burlap. Likewise, it enables the handling of most methods of sack arrangement on the pallet, as well as inclinations of up to 25 centimeters.

LaborSave By CMT - Automatic Sack Emptying Machine
In almost every circumstance, more than 99.99% of the sackʹs contents are being emptied and collected. LaborSave is suitable for the plastics industry, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and building industry. The Fully Automated LaborSave™ Machine is famous for providing a quick ROI, resulting in tremendous savings in raw materials, labor, storage and transportation. This one-time investment in a virtually maintenance-free operation will give you massive cost savings. Here are a few more reasons why LaborSave™ makes sense.
Features and Advantages
  • Completely Automated Sack Emptying
  • Guaranteed Emptying Efficiency - 99.99%
  • Powders, Pellets, Granules
  • Empty 20-100 lb. Sacks
  • Discharge Between 40-1,300 Bags/Hour. (Up to 35 Tons/Hour)
  • ROI: Less than 12 Months Generally
  • Reduce Material Loss
  • Reduce Labor & Insurance Costs
  • Eliminate Contamination – 100%
  • Safety Category 4 CE, UL, TUV, GOST
LaborSave Sack Emptying Machine
LaborSave™ LC Model
LaborSave™ HC Model
LaborSave™ G2 Model
LaborSave is the only fully bag slitting machine that is approved by all of the world’s major standards institutes, including CE, UL, TUV, and GOST. Each certification requires rigorous testing and entails a high cost. But for Carolina Material Technologies and LaborSave, safety has always been the number one priority. There is no other debagging system that meets the level of safety and automation engineering that LaborSave™ provides its customers. CMT is proud to partner and represent LaborSave in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
LaborSave is a completely enclosed fully automated bag slitter and sack emptying system. The enclosure is made of the highest grade steel, coated with a high density polymer paint that will never degrade. The only open area is safeguarded by a set of robotic sensors which can shut down the system within microseconds incase an object or person cross the area of operation. LaborSave has over 10 different safety sensors within the system, ensuring the safety of every employee and operator on your factory floor.
LaborSave is Engineered to perform under all conditions. This highly advanced debagging robot has been set up in factories where temperatures range from -20°C through 50°C.
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