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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulk Bag Unloaders Engineered for Max Dust Containment and Safety While Discharging Super Sacks
3SIGMA'S Innovative Bulk Bag Discharging System allows you to Unload, Discharge, and Empty Bulk Bags with ease. This Super Sack Unloading system boasts the Contain-It™ Chamber. This is a large, User-Friendly Access Chamber that allows the operator to easily tie, retie, and handle FIBC Bulk Bags and Super Sacks in an enclosed, dust-tight chamber. No more spilling excess material on your plant floor when shaking or handling the bag. 3Sigma offers three Main Models (Hoist and Trolley Model, Short Frame Model, and Fork-Truck Loaded Model) with two types of bulk bag agitation: Paddle Agitation (Massage-It™) and Vertical Vibration (Shape-It™).
Close-It™ Bulk Bag Spout Valving System
To close off and remove half empty bags or to use as a batch control valve.

Clamp-It™ Bulk Bag Spout Clamp
Provides an active seal, Air Actuated. Features 8” of vertical clearance to manipulate the bag spout, which compares to 2-4” for most competitors. No more knuckle busting.

Dust Collection System
Pull a negative across the containment chamber when opening the door to capture dust.  Matched dust collectors provided.

Collapse-It™ Bulk Bag Evacuation System
Use of dust collection (in combination with Bulk Bag Spout clamp) to evacuate and then collapse the empty super sack.

Contain-It™ Chamber Outlet
Custom matched to your downstream equipment: Hopper, feeder, rotary valve, slide gate, screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, etc.

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Bulk Bag Unloader CMT Blue
Also commonly called bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag dispensers, super sack unloaders, super sack dischargers, super sack dispenser, big bag unloaders, big bag dischargers, big bag dispensers, FIBC unloaders, FIBC dischargers and FiBC dispensers, provide a safe, dust-free and convenient way to handle and discharge bulk bags. CMT provides 3Sigma Bulk Bag Systems that make handling of bags practical and efficient by providing an easy and safe method to lift, support and discharge.  Our bulk bag unloaders eliminate dust and spillage associated with other methods of bulk bag handling. Since CMT specializes in bulk material handling equipment, we build systems that provide controlled, regulated discharge with a variety of feed devices and weight control options.
  • Compact Size
  • Location Flexibility
Bulk Bag Unloader with Paddle Agitation
  • Self-Contained
  • Maximize Resources
Bulk Bag Unloader with Hoist and Trolley
  • No Upper Frame Required
  • Cost-Efficient
Bulk Bag Unloader Forklift Loaded Unit
General Bulk Bag System Customer Goals
  • Dust Free Bulk Bag Unloading.
  • Unload your densified product reliably with a Bulk Bag unloader.
  • A Bulk Bag Discharger for Total Bulk Bag Discharging
  • Minimal moving parts/ Minimal maintenance.

Bulk bag dischargers are typically implemented when capacity requirements dictate a change from 50 lb. bulk bags to save labor costs and to minimize dust.  The most crucial aspect in providing you with a successful bulk bag unloader is understanding the bulk bag(s) to be used, your goals and concerns.  Many suppliers overlook the actual bulk bag and dive into offering you their standard bulk bag unloader – the “one size fits all” mentality.  Bulk Bag items of concern include: Dimensions; Lined or Unlined; Loose Liner, Tabbed Liner or Glued Liner Flat Bottom or Cone Bottom; Single Trip or Multi-Trip; Bulk Bag Outlet Spout Dimensions; Bulk Bag coatings, etc.
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