Crystallizing Systems

CMT offers a “Super Duty” PET crystallizer system (crystallizing system). This crystallizing system monitors both the level and the temperature of the resin in the top of the hopper, and automatically regulates the speed that material travels through the hopper, to make sure that every pellet or flake is crystallized before discharge. Crystallization occurs in the top third of the crystallizer hopper, and the agglomerates are broken up as it passes through the rest of the hopper before it is discharged. “Lump breakers” or screeners to post condition the material are not required with this crystallizing system.

The agitated crystallizing hopper is extremely robust and is designed to handle the occasional upset condition caused by an inexperienced operator, or upstream or downstream flow stoppages. Usually operator intervention is not required for variations in the process, since the crystallizing system will automatically compensate.

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