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Whirl Air Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Whirl Air Flow provides a full line of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems in order to meet your needs, including Dense Phase Pressure Conveying systems, and Dense Phase High-Vacuum Unloading Systems. Dense Phase Pressure Conveying systems are used in applications that require transporting hard to handle materials. Desne Phase Pressure Conveying Systems unload materials from a railcar to silos with subsequent on-demand delivery of products to in-plant process bins.

dense phase pneumatic conveying air flow

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Whirl Air Flow Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying
Diagram Dense Phase Pressure Pneumatic Conveying

Dense Phase Pressure Conveying Systems

Diagram Dense Phase Vacuum  Pneumatic Conveying

Dense Phase High Vacuum Conveying Systems

About Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying is a popular method used to move solid  materials in gas or air suspension using a high solid to air ratio and  is a specialty of Sly Process Systems. In contrast, dilute phase  pneumatic conveying uses a low solid to air ratio.


Vacuum operation utilizes high capacity vacuum pumps to convey materials from a feed hopper or silo to a vacuum hopper where the air and product are separated by a filter. When the hopper is filled, the vacuum is  isolated and the material is discharged into the destination silo.  Material is conveyed through the pipeline at a controlled low velocity,  usually in a fluidized state to minimize pressure drop and friction.  Valves and sensors are used throughout the system to control the applied vacuum, product fluidization settings, velocities at all parts of the  system. This ensures reliable conveying of material. Vacuum systems are  ideal for friable granular and powder or pellet abrasive materials.


Pressure operation uses PD blowers or compressed air or gas to send  materials through the pipeline. At the destination, air and material are separated by a filter or other system. Sly Process Systems offers two  options for pressure operation´┐Ż”batch dense phase pressure and continuous dense phase pressure. Batch dense phase pressure allows the material to be transported in distinct batches at the starting point and/or  destination and is idea for materials that may degrade from sliding or  rolling, are abrasive, require lower velocities, or where material  segregation is a concern. Continuous dense phase pressure systems  utilize high-pressure rotary valves and compressed air to move materials at lower relative velocities on a continuous basis from starting point  to destination. Controls vary airflow and regulate pressure and  continuous systems are ideal when materials may be easily damaged by  interruption in flow. These systems are also capable of sending  materials from a single or multiple points to multiple destinations.

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