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CMT provides a wide range of Aeromechanical Conveyors. The Aeromechanical Conveyor is an efficient and low cost method of conveying solids and are an excellent choice for conveying products on a batch or limited basis.

The Aeromechanical Conveyor consists of a series of polymer disks, affixed to an aircraft quality SS wire cable on 6” centers.  This rope assembly rotates at speeds between 200 – 400 FPM, thereby creating a transfer motive, air, which conveys your product.  Material discharges, via centrifugal force, at the outlet.  There is no need for dust collection, as with a pneumatic system, as the air volume is minimal and remains in the Aeromechanical Conveyor housing.  Since the conveyed material is “trapped” within the 6” space of the polymer disks, the Aeromechanical Conveyor is an excellent choice when segregation must be avoided.

The Aeromechanical Conveyor will properly transfer your ingredients, in its entirety, directly to your mixer.  The Aeromechanical conveyor generally leaves only a dusting (less than a handful) in the bottom housing once the material is conveyed. This can be completely eliminated with special air purged housings.

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Amount of product left after completing a conveying cycle.

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It is important to understand that the average Aeromechanical Conveyor rope life is about 2,500 – 4,000 hours.  We always run “break-even” numbers to determine the life expectancy of our Aeromechanical Conveyor rope assembly.

Advantages of Aeromechanical Conveyor:


- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor has total containment.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor has a proven design that allows top-of-the line efficiency.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor has round the corner configurations.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor is dust free

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor can convey material up to 120,000 kg/hr.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor has multi-outlet distribution.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor operates at any angle.

- Our Aeromechanical Conveyor is easy to clean.

Aeromechanical Conveyor

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