Carolina Material Technologies provides a full range of diverter valves.  Diverter valves are used to divert product flow from one inlet to multiple outlets.

These are applied to simple gravity applications (no pressure) and to high-pressure applications.  To avoid plugging, leakage and premature wear it is always critical to divert when product is not flowing through the valve.

Diverter Valves are ideal for handling dry bulk material in gravity flow, dilute phase or dense phase pneumatic conveying applications.

Gravity Flap Diverter Valve
Plug Diverter Valve
Weigh Valve Diagram Fig 1
Weigh Valve Diagram Fig 2

Weigh Valve Operation

Weigh Valve

Conveying Diverter Valves


Conveying Diverter valves are used to reroute product from one convey line to another.

* Conveying diverter valve is available in cast iron, cast aluminum or

   cast stainless steel.

* Non-Abrasive Applications

* Slight Cross Contamination is acceptable

Gravity Flap Diverter

* The Gravity Flap Diverter is also used to reroute product from one  line to another, but is used only in gravity flow applications. 

* The Gravity Flap Diverter’s operation is either by pneumatic air cylinder, electric linear actuator, manual lever arm or rotary type actuators.

* The Graity Flap Diverter is  available as 2-way (one inlet and two outlets) or 3-way (one inlet and three outlets).

Weigh Valve

Used in closed loop systems in which you are weighing the incoming material in the bin below this valve.

Plug Diverter Valves

Plug Diverters are heavy-duty alternatives to the flap type conveying diverter.

The Plug Diverter Valve’s body and end covers are available in Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel or Cast Aluminum. The plug is available in Cast Iron or Cast Stainless Steel.

The Plug Diverter valve has No Cross Contamination

The Plug Diverter Valve has Abrasive Applications

The Plug Diverter Valve has High Volume

Diverter Valves

2 Way Diverter Valves
Wye (Y) Line Diverter Valves

* Pneumatic propelled 2 Way Diverter Valves for vacuum or

   low pressure conveying systems.
* Diverter valve is engineered to handle dry bulk solids in

   vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.
* Diverter valve has an Active Compression Seal (ACS)
* Diverter valve has a polished Stainless Steel blade
* Diverter valve has a lLight weight aluminum body

*Diverter valve improves conveying efficiency.

Wye Line Diverter-Valve
Wye Line Diverter Valve
Flex Tube Diverter Valve
slideflex 2 way PSeries Diverter Valve

2 Way Flex Valves

*Pneumatic propelled Flex Valve for vacuum or low pressure
conveying systems.
*Best for pressure and vacuum applications that have cross
contamination  concerns.
*Improves Conveying Efficiency
*Positive Blade Lock (PBL) between blade & cylinder rod Internal
magnetic piston, cushioned air cylinder
*Active Compression Seals (ACS)
*Polished stainless steel blades

Conveying Diverter Valve
Plug Diverter Diverter Valve


This switch operates straight through and at 15�.  It can be used both horizontally and vertically, right or left hand switching.  The switch uses an extremely heavy-duty ductile iron casting as the switching medium.  This casting can be quoted 180� to double the life expectancy.  This switch is completely assembled, pre-wired and pre-piped. Good for high pressure conveying


The switch operates straight through or at 90�.  It can be used both horizontally or vertically, right or left hand switching.  It has heavy-duty cast ductile iron housing.  It uses a heavy-duty, rubber backed cast paddle to pivot between the two outlets.  This valve, when diverting, fills with product and product changes direction by hitting product, not metal.  This switch is completely assembled, pre-wired and pre-piped.
This valve is not recommended for process where contamination would be a problem since a small amount of material is retained in the switch.  Good for high pressure conveying.

Diverter Valve - 90 degree
Diverter Valve 2

Two Way Diverter

Three Way Diverter


The unique design of the Vortex Flex Tube Diverter eliminates material cross contamination through a positive seal across the closed port.

In Operation

  1. A pneumatic cylinder pivots, unsealing the discharge end from position 1.
  2. Cylinder two, pivots, moving the internal cast bottler, to position 2.
  3. Cylinder one pivots, sealing the discharge end to position 2.
Diverter Valve Drawing
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