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Ribbon Blenders

Rapid Homogeneous Blending
Ribbon Blenders are the most common industrial blenders but come in a variety of configurations to meet various industrial mixing needs.  Each APS ribbon blender comes complete with a solid bar agitator shaft and a “Guaranteed for Life” warranty. The APS unique Ribbon Blender triple action agitator insures rapid, homogeneous blending of even the most difficult blending applications.
U-Shaped Shell

The traditional U-Shaped Shell is found on the majority of ribbon blenders. The full open top allow for ease of access during cleaning. Cover arrangements typically include a flanged, filtered Bag Dump Work Station and end cover.

Cylindrical Shell

Ribbon Blenders with Cylindrical Shells are used for applications where vacuum or pressure or heating/cooling is required. Access is limited to small side access doors or top mounted manways.

Semi-Cylindrical Shells

Ribbon Blenders with Semi-Cylindrical Shells lend themselves to cooker/cooler applications where a greater level of heat transfer is needed than can be accommodated in a U-shaped vessel. The large rectangular top provides greater access than found in a cylindrical ribbon blender. The 300° cylindrical shell also eliminates pinch points for shear sensitive products.
Double Ribbon Blender

The Double Ribbon Blender agitator is valued for its thorough mixing. It consists of an inner and an outer ribbon providing counter-directional flow while keeping the product in constant motion throughout the vessel. Inside ribbons move materials toward the ends of the ribbon blender whereas the outside ribbons move material back toward the center discharge of the ribbon blender.

Paddle-Ribbon Blender

The Paddle-Ribbon agitator combines inner ribbons with outer paddles. The Paddle-Ribbon Blender is especially well suited for fragile, heat sensitive products. While maintaining counter-directional flow, the outer paddles minimize pinch points at the wall thus introducing less frictional heat than a continuous outer ribbon.

The APS Sanitary and Ultra-Sanitary Double Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Blenders and combination Paddle Ribbon Blenders consist of a stainless steel, U-shaped mixing tank with a two-piece, removable solid bar shaft agitator supported at each end by suspended pillow block bearings. The tank is a one-piece weldment. There are no removable or slotted endplates with seams for unmixed material to accumulate. Heavy-duty, plasma cut agitator tool support posts, flange free construction and continuous welds ground smooth with large radii throughout adding further to the structural integrity and cleanliness of our agitator and housing design.

Application expertise along with engineering and manufacturing flexibility allows us to truly offer tailored mixing solutions for a great many mixing and blending applications.
Rapid Homogeneous Blending
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