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Pugmill Blenders

Problems mixing hard-to-handle materials are easily solved with the KWS Pugmill Mixer. This unique design features twin counter rotating shafts with four rows of adjustable paddles on each shaft to vary retention time. Every other paddle on the shaft is slightly smaller and reversed in direction of the product flow to increase agitation and retention time in the mixer. Every KWS Pugmill Blender is designed for a specific application with consideration given to corrosion, abrasion and maintenance.

KWS Pugmill Blenders are constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, and abrasion resistant steel for years of durable and dependable operation. In highly abrasive or corrosive situations, liners are available for the mixer tub. Designed for easy maintenance, each KWS Pugmill Mixer is equipped with full length doors over the agitators, outboard pillow block bearings and easily replaceable shaft seals.

With the capacity to handle anywhere form 1 ton to 250 tons of product per hour, the KWS Pugmill Blender provides heavy-duty mixing action for materials such as sand, soil, cement, hazardous waste, fly ash, sludge with lime, and bag house dust.

When it comes to revolutionizing the industry, CMT is a leader. Even when you’re mixing the most difficult materials, CMT has a mixer to perform the job
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