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Plow Blenders

Overcome the effects of gravity, particle shape and product density for a more homogenous mix with our Plow Blender Technology!
American Process Systems PlowBlend™ High Intensity Plow Blenders incorporate several mixing/blending implements designed to create a fluidized bed of product, mixing ingredients with minor additions to 1 ppm
A high-speed, solid shaft rotor within the horizontal, cylindrical tank of the PlowBlend™ High-Intensity Plow Blender creates a "fluidized bed", making the materials, in effect, weightless. The wedge-like plows or specially angled paddles on the PlowBlend™ High-Intensity Plow Blender sweep through and lift the product. Both are designed to keep all material in the chamber in constant motion. Airborne particles are continually moved in multiple directions to overcome effects of gravity and negate limitations of particle size, shape or density to achieve homogenous mixes in short mixing cycles.

The cylindrical mixer shell of the PlowBlend™ High-Intensity Plow Blender lends itself to applications requiring full vacuum and/or pressures to 700 psi. A choice of jacket designs allows indirect heating/drying/cooling with temperatures to 700°F. Material choices include 304/316 SS, 304L/316L SS, RA2205 Duplex Stainless, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Inconel plus various synergistic coatings such as Halar & Kynar and AR-200/AR-400. The vessel of the PlowBlend™ High-Intensity Plow Blender is also suitable for live steam injection to cook, hydrate or sterilize
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