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Paddle Ribbon Blenders

Paddle + Ribbon = Paddle/Ribbon - A Real Option for Fragile Products
Carolina Material Technologies offers Paddle ribbon blenders feature a triple action agitator that insures rapid, homogeneous blending. This industrial batch blender offers a combination of an outer paddle arrangement with an inner ribbon, making it a perfect solution for many applications.
The Combination Agitator:

The outer paddles in place of the ribbon, minimizes pinch points along the tank wall. Instead of mounding the product in the center of the vessel, the inner ribbon moves the product toward the ends much like it does in a conventional ribbon blender. The paddles gently scoop the product and move it back toward the center discharge. Less frictional heat is introduced into the product than would be with a second ribbon. The Paddle / Ribbon Blender provides less shear than our industry renown Ribbon Blender agitator. The Paddle / Ribbon Blender agitator is the perfect choice for applications including pastes, friable particulates and when greater range of full volumes may be required.

Another benefit of the outer paddle/inner ribbon configuration on the Paddle / Ribbon Blender is the greater range of batch sizes, particularly at the low end of the scale. The combination agitator style allows for smaller batches much like those of a Paddle Blender. They may be as low as 10% of the rated batch capacity of the Paddle / Ribbon Blender depending upon the mix ingredients.

Application expertise along with engineering and manufacturing flexibility allows us to truly offer tailored mixing solutions for a great many mixing and blending application
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