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LaborSave™ VHC Model

Discharge Up To 1,300 Sacks Per Hour With VHC Model LaborSave™
Carolina Material Technologies offers the most effective automatic sack emptying system in the industry. The VHC model Laborsave has the capacity to empty out 1,300 sacks per hour. The VHC is the largest Laborsave model, and it empties 99.99% of sack material, making it the most cost-effective and most sold model. Due to the capacity of the VHC, this model is ideal for large factories.

  • Up to 1,300 sacks/hour
  • More than 99.99% empty on pellets
  • Al hopper includes mesh (15 mm x 15mm) and a flanged outlet
  • Unitronics PLC with integral HMI (No substitutes)
  • Compression (up to 2000 empty sacks)
  • Dimensions (millimeters): L: 5650 W: 2280 H: 3880
The Original Fully Automatic Debagging System | 1,300 Sacks/Hour
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