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LaborSave™ G2 Model

Discharge Up To 900 Sacks Per Hour With G2 Model LaborSave™
Carolina Material Technologies offers the most effective automatic sack emptying system in the industry. The G2 model Laborsave has a maximum throughput of 900 sacks per hour. The larger G2 model empties 99.99% of sack material, providing slightly more cost savings than the HC. This model is ideal for medium-large sized factories. The G2 model is the second generation LaborSave, who was the first to introduce a truly automatic  sack emptying solution, and continues to lead the industry in product advancements.

  • Up to 900 sacks/hour (5 sacks in layer)
  • More than 99.99% empty on pellets
  • Al hopper includes mesh (15 mm x 15mm) and a flanged outlet
  • Unitronics PLC with integral HMI (No substitutes)
  • Compression (up to 2000 empty sacks)
  • Dimensions (millimeters): L: 5650 W: 2280 H: 3880
The Original Fully Automatic Debagging System | 900 Sacks/Hour
LaborSave Debagger Benefits
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