The SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor has a split-housing design that keeps all electronics and mechanics separate, with a mechanical compartment and an electronic compartment. This is to eliminate electronic failure of the continuous level sensor control due to material working into the housing.  The optical sensor is sealed itself within the electronic compartment.  For further protection of the internal operations, a replaceable wiper seal is located behind the name plate.  The wiper seal cleans the cable as it retracts back to the top of the silo and is removable without de-spooling or cutting the cable.

Silo Patrol Continuous Level Sensor Electronics Department


The SMU can be configured to work with many different control variations to suit your needs.  You can manage all your silos with the SiloTrack™ Software, connect to a Human Machine Interface (HMI) unit located on the outside of the silo, or send an output to your PLC. The HMI2 is easily programmed to display calculated level, volume, weight, percent, and basic distance measurement. The control also allows for manual readings. The HMI2 can also be programmed to operate the SMU “Smart” RS-485 sensors automatically.

Analog 4-20 mA Output

This SMU continuous level sensor is a standalone transmitter version providing a direct analog signal for each measurement update. Measurements are initiated automatically as setup within the sensor or in response to a remotely activated contact closure. This continuous level sensor version is provided with a relay output that can be set to activate when a user established level is reached, upon detection of a sensor error or when a measurement cycle is in process.



SiloTrack™ Inventory Management Software

Knowing your inventory levels is important, and a shut-down due to a lack of material is a situation no one wants to be in.  The SiloTrack™ Continuous Level Sensor Inventory Management Software is designed to make it easy to stay in control of your silo levels and on top of your reordering schedule.

The graphical display of silo levels and unit controls makes manual and automatic level checks easy and understandable.  With the Server and Client software it’s possible to have a virtually unlimited number of access points, and the ability to remotely check levels and cycle the bob for updated data from almost anywhere in the world.

Standard “Smart” Output

The SMU communicates with the HMI or SiloTrack™ PC-based Inventory Management Software via a RS-485 proprietary protocol. This type of system can also be equipped with auxiliary relay and/or analog outputs and remote displays.

SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor Software

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SiloPatrol® Continuous Level Sensor

CMT offers the SiloPatrol® Inventory Management System, a continuous level sensor that is a cable-based silo monitoring unit (SMU) used in some of the harshest and most difficult applications.  This continuous level sensor has a robust design and mechanically advanced design that makes it a very low-maintenance and highly durable unit.  An integral lock-out system prevents this continuous level sensor from taking any measurements during a filling cycle, protecting the cable and bob from the material being loaded.


The SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor can reliably monitor the level of material in bins, silos and tanks up to 150ft (45.7m) in height. The SiloPatrol sensor technology is used for a large variety of powders, granules, slurries and liquids, even in the most harsh, dynamic conditions. The SiloPatrol Continuous Level Sensor has technological capabilities that require no field adjustments and its robust design provides virtually maintenance-free operation.


Typical Applications include, but not limited to:


� Bulk Chemicals
� Cement Plastic Pellets
� Rocks Coal
� Liquids Sand
� Limestone Plastic Regrind
� Oils Powders
� Grains

Silo Patrol Continuous Level System

SiloPatrol Continous Level Sensor Monitor
SP Mech Side

SiloPatrol® Continuous Level Sensor

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