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SafePoint™ Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle Bin Level Switch

With a de-energizing motor like the KA model, and its own fail-safe features, the SafePoint™ Rotary Paddle Bin Level Switch is the greatest deal in level sensors. This rotary limit switch is more than just an indicator of the presence or absence of material. The micro-processor based technology monitors the status of the electrical and mechanical operations, to determine the difference between material presence and a process failure. 

When material is present, the shaft stops rotating.  Inside the rotary limit switch, the motor is still rotating the magnetic disks which engage a contact and shut the motor off.  The external light will indicate the material presence on the outside of the tank.  When material is removed, the tension spring restarts the motor, the indicator light switches, and the rotary limit switch is returned to normal operation.

A failure would be recognized through the micro-processor by the lack of shaft rotation, with no contact made to shut the motor off.  This will change the indicator light and send a signal from the fault switch to signify an error condition.

SafePoint Rotary Paddle Bin Level Sensor

� Self-Validating Eliminates Costs Associated With Unexpected Sensor Failures
� Industry-First Magnetic Sensing Technology (Patented)
� Monitor Sensor Health, Not Just System Power Failure - "Fail-Safe" PLUS
� Twist On/Off Cover - No More Bolts!
� Wiring Access - 2 Conduit Entrances
� Motor Shuts Off When Paddle Is Impeded 
� Significantly Extends Motor Life
� Reduces Maintenance Costs
� Local Status Indicating Light On Most Models
� Standard SafePoint Level Switch Rated to 250�F (121�C)
� Hi-Temp SafePoint Level Switch Rated to 750�F (399�C)

SafePoint Rotary Paddle Feature Breakdown

KA/KAX Rotary Paddle Bin Level Switch

The KA Rotary Paddle Bin Level Switch is an economic and maintenance-friendly solution for most bulk material applications. The rotary paddle bin level indicator is compatible with various granular, pelletized and powder bulk applications. This rotary limit switch eliminates motor burn-out with its de-energizing motor.  Once the paddles are stalled, a contact inside the power pack shuts the motor off.  Once material is unloaded and the paddles are released the spring return breaks the contact and restarts the motor. The KAX includes all the features of the KA model, but is specially designed for use in hazardous locations.

Model KA Rotary Paddle Bin Level Sensor

� Rotary Paddle Bin Level Point Level Sensor for Bins, Silos, Hoppers and Other Vessels Storing Bulk Solids
� Twist On/Off Cover - No More Bolts!
� Motor Shuts Off When Paddle Is Impeded
� Significantly Extends Motor Life
� Reduces Maintenance Costs
� Wiring Access - 2 Conduit Entrances
� Competitive Price Makes The Monitor Bin Level Indicator Your Best Value
� Three Bearing Design With Sealed Bearings Last Longer
� Built-In Slip Clutch Extends Life
� Hazardous Location Approvals Available (Model KAX has ATEX/IECex hazardous location approvals
� Standard KA /KAX Units Rated to 300�F (149�C)
� Hi-Temp Models Rated to 750�F (399�C)

rotary paddle bin level sensor

1) Magnetic sensing technology ensures reliable operation even in dusty environments

2) Twist on/off cover for convenient and easy access - No bolts to lose or hold

3) 1-1/4” NPT or 1-1/2” BSPT process connections

4) Two conduit connections provides easy wiring access

5) Microcontroller-based electronics ensures consistent and reliable operation

6) Independent SPDT relays for material sense and fault outputs

7) Local Indication (ordinary locations only) of operating status

8) Cast aluminum housing with rugged powder coat finish

Rotary Paddle Point Level Sensor Indicators

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