Carolina Material Technologies INC. is a "hands on", technical group of professionals committed to bringing you the right solution for your current needs, whether in the capacity of consulting services, engineering services or equipment solutions.

>  History of Success
Since our inception in 1996, CMT has been recognized more than 50 times by 13 different manufacturers for outstanding sales achievement. In most cases we have more than doubled sales for a new manufacturer within two years.

"CMT has done a fantastic job representing Thomas Conveyor the past several years. They are extremely focused on customer service and addressing the customer's actual needs. The CMT staff is technically sound and very knowledgeable about their product lines. I would have no reservation recommend CMT to any equipment manufacturer in need of representation in North or South Carolina."  Mark Wilkerson, General Mgr, Thomas Conveyor Company

“We highly recommend Scott Dahlgren and his firm CMT to anyone seeking representation in the Carolinas.  CMT has a very high degree of understanding in all areas the powder and bulk material handling industries and related equipment.”  Paul Golden, Sales Manager, Carolina Conveying

“Scott Dahlgren and his team at CMT have always brought innovative and reliable solutions to their customers. Industrial Magnetics is proud to have CMT represent us in the Carolina's. If you are looking for someone to bring experience and creditability to your projects Scott and his team are what you are looking for.”  Walt Johnson, Regional Sales Manager, Industrial Magnetics Inc.

 “CMT has represented SolidsFlow for over five years and has consistently been one of our top producers. …they place special emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Their understanding of various product lines contributes to this ability to match the correct equipment to their customer’s needs, which ultimately creates a lasting relationship for CMT and their suppliers. If you are looking for a dedicated, honorable and hard working representative, I would recommend CMT without reservation.”  Carleton Johnson, President, SolidsFlow

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> Repeatable Performance
Our business continues to grow (record years in 2001- 2008) due to our consultative approach to opportunities and the implementation of various Sales Tools, which allow us to repeat our performance, year-in and year-out.  CMT has developed numerous Sales Tools that not only allow us to repeat past successes but also allow us to explain why we’ve been successful.

> Forward Thinking Methodology
CMT continually works to implement the latest technology within our selling efforts. This technology is evident in our Design Issue Packages, our Graphical Line Lists, “In through the Back Door” tool and Order Follow-ups just to name a few. “Forward thinking” has allowed us to thrive, as opposed to survive during the recent recession.  “Forward Thinking” also allows us to spend more time in front of customers, which is the bottom line in building relationships and succeeding in our marketplace.

> Consultative Approach
We are consultants with more than 42 years of bulk material handling experience. We have spent the past years building a representative organization that can offer various methods of achieving the same goal – conveying options for example. This allows us to “consult” with our customers instead of “pigeon holing” them with the “one product we offer”. By reviewing each application and considering numerous options to reach our customer’s goal we are viewed as a consultant as opposed to a salesman. This is a key to our success.

> Customer Satisfaction
Over 80% of our customers have made repeat orders, for different products. We truly concentrate on keeping our existing customers happy while building new relationships. Put the power of true customer service to work for your firm!

Mark Wilkerson
Paul Golden
Walt Johnson

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