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SafePoint Rotary Paddle Point Level Sensors
VibraRod Point Level Sensors
Tilt Switch Point Level Sensors
MK2 Capacitance Probe Point Level Sensors
Diaphragm Switch Point Level Sensors

Rotary Paddle Sensor

VibraRod Level Indicator

Tilt Switch Level Sensor

Capacitance Probe Sensor

Diaphragm Level Switch

�Industry-First Magnetic Sensing Technology
�No more motor burn-out
�Fail Safe Design
�External Indicator Light
�Twist On/Off Cover - No More Bolts!
�Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

�Micro-Processor Based
�Easey Setup No Calibration
�External Indicator Light
�No Clogging/Bridging
�Unaffected by Environmental & Material Changes
�Detection of Dry Bulk Materials


�Low Cost, High Level Detection
�No Calibration
�Minimal Maintenance
�Passive switch for activating loads up to 250 VAC
�Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

�Micro-Processor Based
�Push-Button Calibration
�Ignores Product Build-Up on Probe - No False Signals
�External Indicator Light
�Detection of Dry Bulk Materials


�Economical Point Level Detection in Bins and Hoppers
�Ultra-Sensitive Switch for Lightweight Materials
�Unique External Installation and Maintenance
�Detection of Dry Bulk Materials

Point Level Indicators and Sensors

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