Dryers, Vacuum Dryers,

Dryers and Reactors are a modification of our standard Plow Blender.  A high speed, solid shaft rotor within a horizontal, cylindrical tank creates a "fluidized bed". 

- Full Vacuum
- Pressures to 700 psi
- Temperatures to 700�F 
- Direct or Indirect Heating & Cooling
- Various SS grades,Hastelloy & other exotic      materials
- Corrosion & Erosion Resistant Coatings
- Abrasion Resistant materials
- One unit to perform multiple functions


Standard APS Plow Blender Features
-Solid Shaft Agitator Shafts – “Guarantee for Life”
-Plows or Paddles blending and agglomeration
-Choppers for increased dispersion and agglomeration
-Fully swept internal cylinder
-ASME certified cylinders
-Split Packing Glands for easy removal and maintenance
-Flange Free Rotor Construction
-Endplate Scrapers prevent material buildup at ends
-Machined Stub Shaft – Allows for easy agitator removal, if necessary
-Inverted Bearing Housing – Protects bearings from product
-Solid Support Structure


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