NERAK Bucket Conveyors

NERAK's continuous and pendulum bucket conveyors are the most durable and high-end bulk solids handling conveyors on the market. These bucket conveyors are optimal for vertically and horizontally transporting  bulk materials.


NERAK’s material handling conveyors have numerous advantages over their competition, including their patented NERAK rubber block chain.

NERAK provides modern and top-of-the-line bulk material solids conveyors that are used to convey raw building materials, heavy industry materials, chemicals and catalysts, raw and processed foods, pharmaceuticals, pellets, balls, coins, seeds, metal powders and pellets, or any product of your choice. CMT will engineer and design your whole system, incorporating NERAK conveyors with other equipment provided by Carolina Material Technologies.

Nerak Rubber Block Chain


Nerak Systems
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