In order for the Flexar Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor to read the material level, micro-pulses are sent up and down the cable near the speed of light.  When a pulse hits the material surface it is reflected back to the continuous level sensor.

The time the pulses take to travel from the continuous level sensor to the material and back can be analyzed to determine what point the level is on the cable.  This cycle constantly updates the material level status in the silo and sends an output to the SiloTrack™ Inventory Management Software, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or your own PLC control system.

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Flexar™ Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor

Where ultra-sonics and other technologies have failed, the Flexar™ Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor has succeeded.  In the most dusty and difficult environments, the Flexar™ continuous level sensor unit has proven itself as a durable and reliable continuous level measurement technology.  These systems include cement, fly ash, lime and more.

For materials with a dielectric constant of 1.4-2.1 the second measurement mode is used – Tank Bottom Following (TBF).  In TBF mode the micro-pulses are sent to the bottom of the cable, where the probe is located.  The probe has a “short-circuit” that reflects the pulses back up to the sensor.  Since the time-of-flight for the pulses to reflect back to the sensor in air is a known figure, the time-of-flight with material present can be used in calculating a level of material.

Flexar Continuous Level Sensor

The maximum range of the Flexar Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor for solids applications is limited to 100ft (30m) due to load limits possible from heavy materials in long ranges. Liquid applications can extend up to 200ft (60m) with this continuous level sensor. The Flexar Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor can acquire a continuous level measurement for any application where the process temperature does not exceed 392� F (200�C) and 580psig . The 316 stainless steel probes and threaded or flanged process connections make the Flexar continuous level measuring system ideal for almost any bulk solid and liquid application. Contact a Carolina Material Technologies consultant to ensure a successful and reliable application with the Flexar Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor System.

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Typical Applications include, but are not limited to:
�Carbon Black
�Coal Dust
�Fly Ash
�Bulk Chemicals
�Plastic Pellets
�PVC Powder

Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Sensor

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