General Purpose Bench Scales

BenchMark_LP Bench Scale

BenchMark LP Bench Scale

The BenchMark LP low-profile platform bench scale offers an overall height of 2-3 inches. The subtlety of the LP is a good option for commercial situations, or other areas that require a less obtrusive platform. These bench scales offer the same accuracy and performance as the standard benchmark models in a more refined and inconspicuous package.

Standard Features:
� Mild steel base construction
� 304 stainless steel cover
� ABS junction box
� Four planar beam load cells
� Adjustable leveling feet
� 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable
� Holes in lower frame for mounting scale without adjustable leveling feet

benchmark-sl Bench Scale

BenchMark™ Series Light Capacity

CMT offers BenchMark bench scales in light to medium capacities. These scales are ideal for light industrial tasks including shipping desks, food production, and general weighing needs.


Standard Features:

� 304 stainless steel construction
� LifeGuard™ base design isolates load cell from overloads and shock loads for added durability
� Specially designed adjustable support feet provide exceptional traction and won’t scratch surfaces
� NTEP Certified aluminum load cell

Benchmark Bench Scale

BenchMark™ Series Medium to High Capacity

The BenchMark Bench Scale is available in several different mid- to high-capacity designs, mild steel, hostile environment, or stainless steel. The BenchMark Series delivers the best possible accuracy for higher capacity weighing.

Digi S-YA Bench Scale

DIGI's S-Y Series Bench Scale

DIGI's S-Y Series Bench Scale Bases are made for high precision, maintaining a 0.03% accuracy through full capacity range. This bench scale’s stainless steel platter is easy-to-clean and requires low maintenance. A full spectrum of capacities from 60 to 600 lb are available in 15-inch or 19-inch platform sizes.


Standard Features:

� Rust-proof coated carbon steel base
� Stainless steel platter
� Maintains 0.03% accuracy through full range
� Large 3" (76.2 mm) adjustable leveling feet
� Aluminum load cell

DIGI-STU Bench Scale

DIGI S Series Bench Scale

CMT offers the DIGI S Series Bench Scale. This bench scale is designed for endurance with a 300% overload rating and IP66 rated design. Shock-resistant load cells withstand damage from harsh loading and include platform corner support. This scale is offered in multiple mid-size base dimensions and capacities of up to 1500 lb.


� IP66-rated
� Platform support in each corner
� Shock resistant load cells
� Rated to 300% overload

BenchMark HDP Bench Scale

BenchMark™ HDP

CMT offers the BenchMark HDP Bench Scale. This scales are available in several variations and capacities. This bench scale is an ideal option for many light industrial and commercial applications. The BenchMark HDP scale can be moved to almost any setting HDP, and has high accuracy and precision with standard capacities up to 500 lbs. This scale has a column at the back of the platform that is used as both a handle for moving the unit and a stand for mounting one of several optional indicators. This unit is available in 304 stainless steel cover, allowing it to go through the rigors of continuous day-to-day use.


Standard Features:

� Mild structural channel steel construction
� Five-point, independently adjusted overload protection
� 304 stainless steel cover
� Indicator stand for mounting IQ plus 355, IQ plus 390-DC, IQ plus 590-DC

BenchMark HD Bench Scale

BenchMark HD

CMT offers the BenchMark HD bench scale. The BenchMark HD bench scale is a solid choice for heavy duty industrial weighing. This scale has an NTEP certified platform made for frequent heavy loads. The BenchMark HD scale base comes standard in 30 x 30 and 36 x 36 sizes with capacities of 250 to 500lbs. Custom sizes and capacities available.


Standard Features:

� Mild steel base construction
� 304 stainless steel cover
� Polyurethane rubber leveling feet with stainless steel stem
� Adjustable height 8.75" to 9.75"

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