The flexible screw conveyor easily and inexpensively conveys powders, flakes, granules and crystals.

3”, 4”, 5” and 6” diameter flexible screw conveyors are available. This range of flexible screw conveyors coupled with an extensive list of options can handle virtually any conveying requirement. Portable flexible screw conveyor units are available as are configurations designed to integrate with bulk bag dischargers and fillers.

The flexible screw conveyor is an economical method of transferring dry ingredients. It requires little maintenance and is easy to use.

The flexible screw conveyor can move ingredient vertically, horizontally or at virtually any angle thanks to its flexible UHMW feed tube and open core helical auger. The auger is driven by a standard electric motor and gear box and is the only moving part resulting in reliability and low maintenance.

Flexible Screw Conveyor

Cleaning is easy. Simply remove the clean out cap of the flexible screw conveyor  and reverse the rotational direction of the auger to flush the feed tube of ingredient. The auger can then be quickly removed from the tube for complete cleaning of the flexible screw conveyor.

The flexible screw conveyor handles ingredients gently because the open core auger centers itself as ingredient is conveyed. This creates a gap between the auger and the feed tube ensuring ingredient degradation is minimal.

The flexible screw conveyor can be used in a wide range of ingredient transfer applications. Typically, a flexible screw conveyor is used when ingredients must be elevated. Ingredients can be elevated at very low angles to being conveyed almost vertically. The flexible screw conveyor can be bowed to meet the application requirements depending on the diameter of the auger. The ingredient characteristics and conveying length determine how steep the conveying angle can be and the ingredient transfer rate.

The flexible screw conveyor can be easily integrated with any of our bulk bag dischargers or fillers. A loss-in-weight batch system is easily configured by integrating a flexible screw conveyor and discharger with load cells and a PLC based batching controller. Or, a flexible screw conveyor and discharger system can batch directly into a weighed batching hopper, which can be more economical when batching multiple ingredients. Flexible screw conveyors are an excellent way to convey ingredient to a filling system for accurate bulk bag filling.

The flexible screw conveyor is a simple, low cost, easy to use method of conveying dry ingredients

Flexible Screw Conveyor

Flexible Screw Conveyors

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