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Venturi Eductors For Batch Conveying of Five Ingredients to Mixers

DOVER, NJ – Batch manufacturing processes have used Fox venturi eductors for 20+ years in manufacturing and blending systems since their no-maintenance, no-blowback features allow for minimal down-time and high productivity.

Most applications use one pd blower, running at 0,3 – 0.7 barg, to simultaneously drive five or more venturi eductors conveying five different ingredients. No valves or controls are required to supply each educator with the proper air "ow rate. Air to each educator does not change if, for that particular batch, any one educator is, or is not, conveying powders. Output of all eductors is then merged into a common convey line that delivers material to the mixer, blender or other process equipment.

Batch Image 1 (above) shows a schematic from an animal nutrition manufacturing process. Five minor ingredients were blended into the final product. Weigh bins deliver a carefully dosed slug of vitamin, flavor, nutrient or other additive into a small hopper above five separate eductors. When these materials are then dropped into each of the five eductors, they are simultaneously conveyed with no blowback, no dust, and no moving parts.

Venturi Eductor

Batch image 2 (right) shows the five venturi eductors and the inlet air manifold that supplied conveying air to all. Note that there are no valves or controls on the air supply manifold. More recent installations at food plants use Fox eductors in a continuous, rather than a batch process, with five screw feeders continuously dosing ingredients to five venture eductors. This approach is particularly effective with blended food products such as cake and baking mixes.

Venturi Eductor - 5 Venture Eductors
Venturi Eductor - Cross Section

Cross Section of a Venturi Eductor

Five Venturi Eductors and the Inlet Air Manifold that supplies conveying air

A larger industrial application is shown in Batch Image 3 – where the photo shows three Fox eductors again driven with one blower. At this plant, venturi eductors conveyed gypsum and other minerals from three weigh bins for use in wall-board manufacturing.

Venturi Eductor - 3 Fox Eductors

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