Eirich is a worldwide leader in mixing technologies with more than 100 years of mixing innovations.  All technologies are based upon our proprietary high intensity mixer.  Eirich serves many industries while excelling at abrasive applications. Industries served include Building materials, Friction materials, Chemicals, Ceramics, Refractories, Foundries, Metallurgy, Glass, Sand and Environmental Technology.

Products Offered

Eirich High Intensity Mixers
Eirich High Intensity Mixer

Variable Mixer Tool Speed
Because the mixing zone process is separate from the transportation of the mixture during the process, the mixing tool can run at variable speeds - from fast to slow – to meet your process needs. This allows the power input into the mixture to be adapted to the specific mix. It also enables "hybrid" mixing processes, such as slow – fast – slow.


�Higher tool speeds can be used, for example, to:
- open up fibers
- completely pulverize pigments
- optimize mixing of fine fractions
- manufacture suspensions with a high solid content
�Medium tool speeds are used to achieve mixtures with a high mixture quality  
�Lower tool speeds used with lightweight additives or foams, which can be gently added to the mixture


Eirich High Intensity Mixer high speed

The Eirich Advantage:
-Optimal mixing without high speed rotating choppers.
-100% material circulation during one rotation of the mixing pan. 
-Large variation in bulk density and/or particle size mixed homogenously.
-Shortest mixing time in the industry.
-The rotating mixing pan is enclosed in a static casing.
-Wear elements are easily accessible and therefore easily exchangeable
-The seals are not in direct contact with the product
-Little maintenance required.
-Continuous or Batch mixers

Specific Industries Served
Eirich offers specialized products and systems for the following industries.

* Batteries

* Dry mortar & plaster

* Glass

* Environmental protection

* Ceramic

* Refractory

* Concrete

* Friction material

* Sand lime brick

High Intensity Mixers
Principle of Operation

1- A rotating mixing pan carries the material in a clockwise direction into the mixing tool zone with a high velocity difference.
 2 - A variable speed mixing tool rotates counterclockwise with optimized speed differences.
 3 - An adjustable multi-purpose wall-bottom scraper produces high vertical flow rates will preventing buildup on the wall and floor.


100% material circulation during one rotation of the mixing pan

* Carbon bodies

* Metallurgy

* Foundry sand

Eirich Mixer Principle of Operation

Eirich High Intensity Mixers

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