Continuous Vibrating Coating Feeder


Advantages of the BrickMaster™ Coating Feeder

The BrickMaster™ offers a breakthrough in vibratory coating feeder technology for the brick industry.  Whether coating the face, the header, or both, the BrickMaster™ Vibratory Coating Feeder can improve your brick quality while minimizing dust and spillage in the coating area. Manual, semi-auto and automatic system solutions available

3Sigma offers complete brick mixture solutions: raw ingredient compounding, mixing, conveying, brick coating and reclamation systems.

� Feed sand, clay and shale mixtures
� Mass Flow Feeding - no more operator interface
� Minimize dust
� Mount feeder <1” above brick line
� Adjust coating width in minutes
� 100:1 coating turndown rate
� Volumetric and Gravimetric systems
� Unsurpassed 3-year warranty

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CMT offers 3Sigma’s Continuous Vibrating Coating Feeder. Vibrating Coating Feeders simply allow for a consistent and accurate distribution of your product across a moving object.  In application 3Sigma utilizes its proven BrickMaster™ to properly coat your making line, roofing materials, food stuffs or your metal products through it’s batch system.

Since the BrickMaster™ Continuous  Coating Feeder is vibratory in nature, applying 1200 to 3600 cycles per minute to the feed tray; it provides a very consistent and accurate distribution of product. The BrickMaster™ Continuous Vibrating Coating Feeder is a Mass Flow Feeding System based upon 3Sigma’s exclusive GeoMate™ Feeder, GeoTray™ feed tray and MassMate™ mass flow hopper.  Mass Flow Feeding and No Moving Parts make it the engineer’s coating feeder of choice.

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Reasons to get a Brick Master Coating Feeder?

Eliminate Operator “Interface”

Each BrickMaster™ coating feeder is designed for mass flow. The vibratory feeder's hopper slopes are designed to ensure all product flows at one time, while the outlet is sized to prevent bridging.  The vibratory feeder's Mass Flow design ensures a first in, first out flow pattern, and, the elimination of operator “interface”.


Coating Feeder Operator

Minimize Dusting

The unique vibratory feeder and drive arrangement offered allows the feeder to be placed <1” above the brick line, eliminating most transient dust. The hopper inlet is completely sealed, completely eliminating in feed dusting.

Minimize Dusting through coating feeder

Adjustable Flow Rate

The BrickMaster™ Vibratory Coating Feeder flow rate can be adjusted three ways:

 - Each unit is controlled by a VFD which typically provides a 10:1 turn down range.

- RatePlate™ adjustments

- Vibrator adjustments


These can provide significant rate changes.

Coating Feeder - Adjustable Flow Rate

Adjustable Coating Width

Although most vibratory coating feeder units are designed for a specific coating width, specialty RatePlates™ can be provided to allow for coating width adjustment in minutes.

Coating Feeder - Adjustable Coating Width
Old Coating Feeder
New BrickMaster Coating Feeder


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