Bulk Bag Unloading / Vacuum Conveying System

About this system:

3Sigma Systems recently commissioned a new Bulk Bag Unloading/Vacuum Conveying system for a coating manufacturer. 

The system utilizes 3Sigma’s bulk bag unloaders, which operate with no moving parts.  The bag is set on the bag platform and shaped to the hopper slopes.  The bag is then accessed through the access chamber door.  The operator turns on the  dust collector and unties the bag within the access chamber.  Material flows and forms a seal between the bag outlet spout and internal SS spout which directs product to the surge hopper below. 

Upon demand, based upon a low level in the filter receiver, the vacuum system starts, including the rotary airlock feeder, and conveys product to one of the three filter receivers.  When the high level is met, the system turns off.  Product is then fed, by a rotary airlock feeder, to the screener and the paint booth below.  All material contacts are 304SS.  The filter receiver is vented, with a rupture disk, to meet the area classification.


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