Control & Metering provide a full range of bulk bag fillers for all applications.  Manual systems, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automated systems.  Volumetric and Gravimetric Bulk Bag Fillers.  From low capacity bulk bag fillers to automated bulk bag systems filling 70 bags per hour, Control and Metering has a proven solution to meet your requirements.  The patented Cone Table Bulk Bag Filler is the single most effective component within the Bulk Bag filling system.

Cone Table Bulk Bag Filler

72” Tall Bags, Crumb Rubber

Bulk Bag Filler

Regardless of your required production rate the basic goals generally remain the same for a Bulk Bag Filler.

  General Customer Goals

The key component in filling any bulk bag properly is the densification system. 

Most competitors use a vibration or air system.  Both must vibrate through a pallet.  Mechanical failures – welds and load cells are common problems.

Control and Metering’s patented Bulk Bag Cone Table provides direct product densification without negative affects described above.

Test our Bulk Bag filler – there is nothing like it, anywhere!

Bulk Bag Cone Table

Vibrating Cone Table

Direct Contact with the bulk bag. No “thru pallet” densification

Pyramidal Bulk Bag Cone table forces material into the corners of the bulk bag when it actuates.

Both result in unparalleled filling – more material in smaller bulk bags and completely stable bulk bags.

Generally Mounted Independent of the Filling Frame.

Control and Metering’s Cone Table Elite (CTE) bulk bag filler features an industry first dual load cell hang weighing system.  It’s robust, accurate and repeatable ensuring that bulk bags of any size can be filled with +/- 1-2 lb weighing accuracy at any speed.  This means you can reduce the overfill of your bulk bags and generate incremental revenue and profit as a result.

As always with Control and Metering equipment, the CTE bulk bag filler is a very robust machine.  Its new design incorporates fewer parts than ever before to provide unmatched reliability.  Control and Metering is the only manufacturer to offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!

CTE Bulk Bag Filler

The CTE Bulk Bag Filler features:

The patented Cone Table Densification system.

Hang Weighing - Results in extremely accurate, repeatable bulk bag weights.  The load cells are located in the upper frame, no longer susceptible to water and product build-up or operator “accidents”.

Bulk Bag Stretching - Since the bulk bag is suspended from its loops through much of the filling cycle the bulk bag fabric is stretched which greatly assists with producing a stable filled package. 

Net Weighing – Weighing only the bulk bag and product allow for lower rated load cell capacities, higher weight to noise ratios and better, more repeatable accuracies.  Accuracy to 0.10% are attainable.

Automated Bulk Bag Filler

CTE with cone table densification, hang weighing, automatic bulk bag removal.

Auto Height Adjustment – for each bulk bag size and each operator allowing all manipulation to occur at chest level, never above your head or within the bulk bag filling frame.

Auto Bulk Bag Hangers – Move forward to the operator to load the bulk bag, at chest level.  Never climb onto the fill station/roller conveyor again.

Fill Bulk Bags, Drums, Totes and Gaylords – All with the same machine.  Contact us to find out how.

Bulk Bag Cone Table Priciple of Operation

The Patented Bulk Bag Cone Table - Principle of Operation

Bulk Bag Design Issues
Bulk Bag Filler Video
Cone Table Bulk Bag Filler
Automated Bulk Bag Filling
Properly Filled Bulk Bags

Do your filled bulk bags look like this?

Poorly Filled Bulk Bags

Does Your Bulk Bag Filling Frame Look Like This?

Bulk Bag Filling Frame

They don’t have to...

….Get Stable Filled Bulk Bags

Patented Cone Table -
The cone table is pyramidal in shape and lifts up approximately 18” to densify the bulk bag.  The cone forces material into the corners of the bulk bag, while vibrating the bulk bag directly. 

Densifying a pallet?  Why would you ever want to try to densify through a pallet?  Densify your bulk bag/product directly.

Bulk Bag Cone Table

Bulk Bag Cone Table

Tall Filled Bulk Bag
Nice Corner of Bulk Bag
Bulk Bags Don't have to

Bulk Bag Fillers

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