Box/Bag/Drum Filling

In order to have a turnkey bulk material handling system, many times finished product are required to be packaged into bulk containers such as paper bags, bulk bags, Gaylord type boxes, and/or Drums prior to shipment to end users.

CMT offers great bag/box/drum filling in accords to your specific application and bulk product being handled. CMT offers the following filling system products:

Bulk Bag Filling Stations: The customizable filling stations are able to accommodate various sizes and weights of bags without making significant changes to the equipment. Depending on the application, bags can be filled by weight or by volume. Surge hoppers are available for filling stations in order to accommodate continuous feed from the process while bags are being removed and replaced. Dual filling stations can also be configured in order to maximize throughput.

Dust control vent connections, integrated baghouse with fan, numerous spout sealing options, bag inflator, vibrating tables for densifying light fluffy products, automated PLC or manual controls, takeaway conveyors are all available.

Gaylord Box Filling Stations: The stations range from a simple stand with a cyclone or filter receiver for discharging directly into a box, to more sophisticated and automated gravimetric filling stations involving indexing conveyors into and out of the filling station, hoods with numerous dust control options, etc.

55 Gallon or Fiber Filling Stations:  These are also available for low volume operations where an operator puts an empty drum in the filling station to start the process. These stations are also available for fully automated filling stations that consist of indexing roller conveyors or an indexing fill head for filling multiple containers on a common skid. PLC or manual controls are offered for these filling stations.

Box Bag Drum Filling
Sly Process Systems

Combination Bulk Bag/Box/Drum filling stations: These filling stations can offer maximum flexibility in terms of how your finished product is packaged for shipment. Each may be configured with varying degrees of automation and throughput capacity customized to your specific needs.

Plastic or Paper Bag Gravimetric Filling Stations: These filling stations offer valve style or open mouth bag filling. Takeaway conveyors are offered for higher volume applications. Various sealing options are offered for open mouth bags including sewing and heat sealing machinery.

dual bulk bag filling station
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