Installation of a flat panel bolted storage tank
Bolted Storage Silo Seam Exterior

Each storage application is unique and requires a Storage Silo and Tank system designed in accordance with your specifications. You'll find our bolted storage silo skirt, legs, or gusset supported in configurations up to 100,000 CF dry storage capacity and 7.5 million gallon liquid capacity.

Flanged Panel design and Flat Panel design each provide their own unique advantages.  Both feature baked on coatings for long life and both designs are proven leak proof with thousands of installations worldwide.  Based upon your needs we will recommend the correct design for your application. 


Why Bolted Silos?

Bolted storage silos or tanks that Carolina Material Technologies offer are specially constructed to be leak proof, evident by the thousands used in liquid applications, as well as for bulk solids.  They offer a cost effective alternative to welded silos and are recognized as an acceptable alternate to field-weld construction in the power industry (i.e., limestone, lime, water, fly ash, coal storage, etc.),

Flat Panel Bolted Storage Silos

Installation of a Flat Panel Bolted Tank

Bolted Storage Silos and Tank

Bolted Silo

Level Control System for Bolted Silo

Bolted Silo - Level Control System 1
Bolted Silo with Truck Drive Thru
Bolted SiloTruck Fill Line with Pinch Valve for Overfill Protection

Truck Fill Line with Pinch Valve for Overfill Protection

Bolted Silo with Drive Thru Load-Out



Some customers prefer flat panel silos due to the installation method.  With a flat panel bolted silo the tank is constructed without ever leaving the ground – even on bolted silos over 100’ tall!  See “Installation of a Flat Panel Bolted Tank section for further details.

Flanged panel silos are constructed using an age old proven system – scaffolding.   Bolted silos have been constructed in this fashion for over 50 years and our trained installation crews utilize a systematic approach that makes the job extremely quick and extremely safe.

Dual Silos with Bucket Elevator

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