Bench Scales

General Purpose Scales


CMT offers bench scales of every capacity and size by Rice Lake Weighing Systems. CMT offers the BenchMark LP,  BenchMark Series Light Capacity, BenchMark Series Medium to High Capacity, DIGI's S-Y Series Bench Scale, DIGI S Series Bench Scale, BenchMark HDP, and BenchMark HD Heavy Duty Scales.

Washdown Scales

Washdown Scale sm

CMT offers several bench scale models that are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent moisture contact and industrial cleaning processes. The following Washdown Models are available: BenchMark SLHE, CW-90X Base, Vers-portion, BenchMark HE, and the WeighVault for CW-90/CW-90X.

Compact Bench Scales

Compact Bench Scales

CMT offers Compact Bench Scales. Compact bench scales are all-in-one devices with an indicator built into the scale base. These economically priced compact scales provide low to mid-range operation for simple weighing applications. The following unites are provided: Versa-portion, Rice Lake Weighing Systems,  Ohaus Navigator Compact Scale, Ohaus Navigator Compact Scale, Ishida iPC-WP Portable Bench Scales, and the Ishida iPC Series Portable Bench Scale.

Bench Scales With Indicator Packages

Bench Scales with Indicator

CMT provides Bench Scales with Indicator Packages. These Bench scales with Indicator packages are suitable for a wide range of industrial weighing applications. The following packages are available: Legal-for-Trade Platform Scale with Indicator, DIGI Bench Scale and Indicator Package, Ishida IGX & IGB Series, IQ plus® 2100 Digital Bench Scale,  IQ plus 2100SL Digital Bench Scale, IQ plus 2100SL Digital Bench Scale, CW-90 Over/Under Checkweigher, CW-90X Over/Under/Washdown Checkweigher, and the GP Series for A&D Weighing

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