Bench Scales With Indicator Packages

DIGI Bench Scale Indicator Bench Scale and Indicator

DIGI Bench Scale and Indicator

This package offers the durability of DIGI's bench scales with the ultimate readability of a user-friendly indicator. This package allows you to toggle between multiple units of measurement while programmable output strings provide control over your data. This scale has a capacity ranging from 150 to 500 lb, making it an ideal solution for many applications.

Ishida IGB IGX Series Bench Scale and Indicator

Ishida IGX & IGB Bench Scale and Indicator

This package includes a scale with a heavy duty design that accommodates capacities as high as 300lbs. This package features a high-visibility pivoting display and added checkweigh function. Choose the IGX for the bright VFD display, or IGB for the crisp LCD design and battery operation. Perfect for areas with a wide variety of weighing needs.

IQ Plus 2100 Bench Scale and Indicator

IQ plus 2100 Digital Bench Scale

CMT offers the IQ plus 2100 Digital Bench Scale. This scale is used for common checkweighing tasks, featuring a simple two button operation.


Standard Features:

� NEMA 4X, 304 stainless steel
� Large, bold 0.8" Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display
� Status annunciators: lb, kg, oz, g, negative, motion, center of zero
� One full duplex RS-232 port
� Two digital inputs for remote zero, print, and units
� 12" column, attachment bracket, or tilt stand for table, wall or under counter mounting
� 115 VAC operation, 230 VAC available
� RL1042 aluminum, single point load cell
� Overload and upload stops on scale base
� Stainless steel, tactile feel, piezo zero and units buttons
� Displays units in decimal lb, kg, oz, lb & oz, and grams
� Prevent™ breather vent

CW_90X Bench Scale and Indicator

CW-90X Over/Under/Washdown Checkweigher

CMT offers the CW-90X Over/Under/Washdown Checkweigher for heavy washdown environments and HACCP requirements. The over/under CW-90X checkweigher features hermetically sealed load cells, 304 stainless steel construction, extra-strength piezo keypad, and an IP69K rating to survive daily sanitary washdowns.


Standard Features:

�304 stainless steel, IP69K rated
�Prevent breather vent
�Storage for up to 50 IDs
�Unit of measure: kg, gm, lb, oz, lb/oz
�High-Intensity LED display
�Battery-backed time and date
�Two full duplex serial ports
�Configurable print formats
�Audit trail tracking
�Optional communications: Ethernet, USB or Fiber Optic
�Four configurable Digital I/O
�Reflash memory to upgrade firmware
�NTEP Certified: Indicator (COC# 08-092), Scale Base (COC# 95-072)

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