At Carolina Material Technologies We Strive To:

CMT maintains a testing laboratory at our Charlotte facility for your use.  Currently we are able to run accuracy and flowability testing on 3SIGMA’s mass flow Batching Feeders and other feeder technologies while demonstrating CPE’s reverse jet cartridge collector.  Most tests are run at no charge nor obligation.

Our goal is to expand this laboratory along with our manufacturers to allow you, our customers, easy and painless  access in reviewing various product tests.

Commissioning, Startup and Training
CMT offers this service to ensure the equipment provided performs as designed. Continuity is maintained as we helped select and design the equipment for this process. At the same time the overall project cost is generally much less as you do not have to pay for a $1,000 airfare, car rental, etc.

Troubleshooting/Repair Services
If or when your equipment is “down” CMT can be onsite generally within the same business day. You receive the benefit of the “designer” providing the service and get this from our local office thereby minimizing your downtime costs and service fees.

What Customers Are Saying
Brian Laprise
Jay Collie
Eddie Isley
Jerry Moore

“CMT is without a doubt, the most responsive, honest and sincere company I know selling manufacturing equipment…. it is evident that their commitment to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their business.” 

Brian Laprise, Project Engineer, Solutia

“I've found Scott and all of the CMT staff to be very knowledgeable about the material handling industry and ready to lend that experience to the issues I've brought to them, regardless of whether they have a particular item to sell me to correct the problem or not.  When they have had the solution, they've worked with me to get it purchased, delivered and installed as quickly as possible.  If they haven't had the answer, they've never hesitated to suggest someone else who might.” 

Jay Collie, Project Engineer, Mallinckrodt

“We are very proud of the equipment that we have purchased through CMT and all has started up and run trouble free since installation. We truly look forward to many more projects in the near future and really feel comfortable with their technical support. I personally look forward to the upcoming projects…Thanks Gentlemen for being here.” 

Eddie Isley, Maintenance Manager, Viking Polymers

Wayne Jones

“It's been a pleasure to work with CMT on past projects and I look forward to future ones. What sets CMT apart is that they not only sell equipment, but they bring ideas and problem solving to the table. They were an integral part of my most recent material handling project - not just a vendor.”

Jerry Moore, Project Manager, Buckeye Technologies

“CMT provides outstanding and timely service. They are willing to tackle any material-handling project. CMT is my first call when a new project is initiated.” 

Wayne Jones, Mgr. Manufacturing Eng, Pilkington Glass

CMT Personnel
Field Service
Prospective Manufacturers

“I relied on CMT’s experience, knowledge, honesty and patience to explain to me what was needed to make these operable.  Our experience with CMT was excellent.  The system was successfully installed and is fully operational.  They are professional yet personable.  Give CMT a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

John Reilly, Project Manager, Harrop Industries

About Carolina Material Technologies

Scott Dahlgren – 22+ years bulk material handling experience in the various roles of: test lab technician, customer service representative, field service technician, territory management, account management and manufacturer’s representative.

Carrie Waller – Office Manager

David Moses – Project Engineer

Daniel Otarola - IT/Marketing


Alex Norton - Inside Sales

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