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Fluidized Zone Blenders

These mixers are capable of preparing a homogenous mix independent of particle size, shape or density. The unique agitation of the OptimaΙΙBlend™ Fluidized Zone Mixer, ensures rapid yet gentle blending, short cycles, low operating costs, minimal product degradation and one of the highest production capacities of any mixer type.

The mixers consist of twin shaft, overlapping paddle assemblies which are counter rotating at comparatively low rotor speeds drawing material from each rotor drum and lifting the ingredients up and between the rotors. This creates a fluidized zone where particles can freely transpose, thereby eliminating segregation.

Micro-minors of 1 ppm are mixed regardless of where they are added into the mixer. Shear is very low or non-existent and therefore no heat is generated. As a result extremely fragile ingredients such as flakes or whole coffee beans can be blended with minimal degradation.
Fluidized Zone Mixers – rapid yet gentle blending with minimal product degradation
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