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Bulk Bag Handling Systems

Bulk Bag Dischargers, also referred to as bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag dispensers, super sack unloaders, super sack dischargers, super sack dispenser, big bag unloaders, big bag dischargers, big bag dispensers, FIBC unloaders, FIBC dischargers and FiBC dispensers, will properly discharge your product to downstream equipment.

Carolina Material Technologies offers 3Sigma's newest bulk bag unloading and filling technologies to discharge any material. We offer three different unloader models: Fork Truck Loaded Unit, Integral Hoist and Trolley Unit, and a Short-Frame Model (Client Supplied Ceiling Mounted Hoist and Trolley Unit). Each unit can be modified to include the following features: Shape-It™ Vertical Vibration,  Massage-It™ Agitation System, Contain-It™ Access Chamber, Close-It™ (Stops material flow by closing bag spout),  Clamp-It™ (Pneumatically operated clamp to ensure total containment by sealing the bag spout to the Tube-It™ discharge tube), and Dust Collection Systems

Bulk Bag Unloader System
This Multi-Purpose Bag Compactor Machine can compact 7-10 bulk bags into a 2' x 1' Bale in a matter of minutes, making Bulk Bag Disposal and Recycling easier than ever. Not only does it compact Super Sacks, but also a variety of Films, Cardboard packaging, Plastic Foam Packaging, Paper, Plastic Foams, Fleece Materials, and much more! No more dirty bulk bags or recyclables laying around taking up valuable factory space. With CMT's Mobile Bulk Bag Compactor, you can save valuable time, space, and effort by disposing of your recycling materials at the product emptying location. We offer three different models of the Compactor Machine: RC 650, RC 655 and the fully automatic RC 660.

Bulk Bag Compactor Machine Roll
Bulk Bag Fillers
3Sigma provides a full range of Bulk Bag Fillers for all applications.  Manual systems, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automated systems.  Volumetric and Gravimetric Bulk Bag Fillers.  From low capacity bulk bag fillers to automated bulk bag systems filling 70 bags per hour, we have a proven solution to meet your requirements. We also offer Bulk Bag Fillers with cone table densification systems and auto height adjustment.

Bulk Bag Filler Machine
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