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Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers and Super Sack Filling Systems

Dust-Free Bulk Bag Filling Systems with Superior Weighing Technology

Bulk Bag Fillers - Super Sack Filling Stand With Pneumatic Seal Clamp
Carolina Material Technologies provides Bulk bag Fillers manufactured by the best engineers in the Bulk Material Handling Industry. Our bulk bag fillers can be semi-automatic or full auto depending on the level of automation that your application needs. Our super sack fillers are designed for FIBC big bags, and are ideal for packaging dry granular, flakes or powdered materials with very accurate weighing during the filling process. Volumetric and Gravimetric Bulk Bag Filling is available. From low capacity bulk bag filling to automated bulk bag handling systems loading 70 bags per hour, we have a proven solution to meet your requirements. These simple and heavy-duty bulk bag filling systems are user-friendly and easy to service. Speak to one of our bag handling experts today to reduce your operation costs.
Super Sack Fillers Benefits of Bulk Bag Filling
Super Sack Fillers Benefits of Bulk Bag Filling

Features and Advantages

Standard Features:

  • Inflatable fill head that offers a dust free seal when loading.
  • Operator slides the spout of the bulk bag over the fill head and turns the selector switch to “Inflate”.  The fill head inflates providing a dust free seal for filling.  Once the bag is full the operator then turns the selector switch to “Deflate” and removes the bag
  • Dust port with dust cartridge
  • Retractable pneumatic bag strap support pins
  • Bag loading surface with pallet retaining flange on three sides
  • Manually adjustable bag supports for varying bag heights 42”-60” high bags standard. (Consult factory for additional bag heights)
  • No electricity is required for our standard bag fillers
  • Great for low ceiling heights
  • Load Cells for accurate weighing
  • Manual or Automated Control System
  • Material of Construction - Mild Steel, 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel
Super Sack Filling Stand Features

Optional Features:

  • Vibratory Deck
  • Flat Deck (Air/Electric)
  • Grid Deck (Air/Electric) (for use with roller conveyor)
  • Roller Conveyor (Gravity/Electric)
  • Screw Jack (to allow for different bag heights)
  • Air Cylinder, Electric or Manual
  • Metering Device for loading
  • Slide gate, rotary valve, screw feeder or vibratory feeder
  • Bag Support Arm Extensions
  • Bag support arm extend out to allow for easier access to the back bag loop supports (Manual/Air)
  • Bag Inflation prior to filling
  • Drum Adapter
Super Sack Filling Stand Features
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